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A king among men - Will 'Six Weetabix' North

By Jellyfish Team | January 23rd, 2014 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, The Team

"Here at the Sheffield Haworth office we were all amazed and seriously impressed when Will announced that he intended to row the Atlantic."


"Of course at the time it was a distant dream in the future and something that seemed like an age away, but over the subsequent months Will’s dream clearly started to turn into a reality and his team began to notice gradual changes in the build up to the race. Will suddenly had a keen interest in cycling to work, even during the most horrendous British weather, and was overheard in the kitchen saying things like ‘When I was in the gym at 6:00 this morning…’ rather than ‘When I was in the pub last night…’.

At our office we provide milk for tea and coffee and the odd bowl of cereal and we definitely noticed a difference in the amount we got through as Will started to become known as Will ‘six Weetabix’ North. It wasn’t just the Weetabix either, various protein concoctions were brewed in the kitchen and religiously gulped down at Will’s desk. All this resulted in Will starting to really bulk out. This was hardly surprising given the challenge he was undertaking, but what was unexpected was the number of other boys in the office who started to take their diet a bit more seriously too… salads, poached eggs and a variety of protein shakes are all regularly seen coming out of the kitchen and I’ve no doubt Will’s expanding chest and bicep measurements were a major factor in this office health kick!

Will hasn’t just been an inspiration to the aspiring body builders in our office though. Everyone has been blown away by his dedication to the planning and fundraising for such an epic trip and the professionalism with which he has approached the challenge. Our company held a celebratory party last summer to mark 20 years in business and Will and Dan both attended the event to promote their row. This was a great opportunity for all our employees as well as clients and suppliers to hear about the challenge and to take part in a little friendly competition on the rowing machine. Needless to say nobody could beat Dan or Will, even over a very short distance, and it was generally agreed that a couple of canapés and glasses of fizz are not the best preparation for two minutes intense exercise!  We were lucky enough to have Boris Johnson attend a corporate lunch in our office shortly before Will’s departure which provided another opportunity for Will to promote the race and meet a famous face at the same time!"


Paddy Morrisey - Sheffield Haworth - Group Managing Director

"It really hit home that Will was actually going to undertake this challenge when he prepared to leave for La Gomera and said goodbye to everyone in the office. It has been exactly 46 working days since Will North logged off his PC for the last time and disappeared to complete his adventure with Dan. It is slightly surreal to think that in that time we have enjoyed a lively office Christmas party, all the festivities and indulgence over Christmas and New Year and we’re already a couple of weeks into 2014. Now everyone is back at work and focusing on a new year ahead, it’s crazy to imagine that Will and Dan have just been rowing, sleeping and eating on a tiny boat in the middle of a vast ocean for the last seven weeks.

Without fail Will’s colleagues check in on the website every day to follow the race and it has been so exciting to see their amazing progress, resulting in them leading in the pairs as they enter the final few hundred miles of the race. We cannot wait for Will and Dan to reach Antiguan shores and everyone is looking forward to Will’s return to the office so we can hear all the stories and tales first hand. It has been suggested by one of Will’s colleagues that they might start slowing down now rather than face the prospect of returning to a mundane commute and sitting at a desk all day, but I’m sure their competitive spirit will only see them speeding up over the final stretch!

Good Luck Will and Dan for the last push to the finish – everyone at Sheffield Haworth is 100% behind you and cheering you on to the finish line."

Claire Edmonson

Sheffield Haworth

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