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A sending off from ESH

By Jellyfish Team | December 9th, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, Sponsors

Jamie Naughton and David Cooke, Dan's work colleagues at ESH, joined the La Gomera sending off party and were lucky enough to have a go in Blue Steel, the boy’s home for the next few weeks.

"Tempted as we were to push Dan overboard and go for Antigua, it was three days before the off and so we settled on rowing the first 100m of the course before heading back to dry land, happy for once not to finish something we started! 


Altogether it was a humbling realisation of what lies ahead for Dan and Will.

Delighted as we were to enjoy two out of the five annual days of torrential rain in the Canaries we’re back in the UK and spreading the word of Dan and Will’s endeavours. We have been tracking their progress from the comfort of our offices and we thought they were playing it a bit too cool waiting in the marina while all the other boats got to the start line! We were relieved to see the tracking system has now been sorted - and they’re cracking along nicely by the looks of things."

Jamie Naughton and David Cooke

Edgerley Simpson Howe

Gold Sponsor

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