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Approaching the half way mark - bring on 2014!

By Dan Howie | December 29th, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News

Christmas Day was a real roller coaster of a day. It was gearing up to be the worst ever as I sat in the hot cabin trying to fix the electrics and sweating buckets.
However, Jo helped us track down Simon Chalk who built this boat and he ran through how to fix the problem with us. We've never been so happy seeing a 12 volt socket flicker to life. If he was here I would have kissed him! Now that the power is up we can charge iPods, the sat phone and cameras etc. We then called our families and I also called Jo. As you can imagine it was tough but extremely nice to speak to everyone at home and it gave us a real morale boost.
We then opened our stockings and decorated the deck with Christmas lights. It looked awesome! We stuffed sweets into our faces and sang Christmas songs. It was exactly what we needed and we're now feeling much better about life! I also received a harmonica in my stocking and am looking forward to giving it a spin, much to Will’s dread.
Another high note was that we found out we were leading the two man category by 22 miles!

Life on board


Hot and sweaty and lots of nakedness! We are still using Sudocreme and surgical spirit everyday to keep the bacteria at bay. My hands have started to peel badly too. I had it during training in the UK and it doesn't hurt but is most likely a fungal issue. However, we have all the drugs in the world on board to deal with it so panic not!
We found the days leading up to Christmas tough and morale wasnt great, but we just have to keep thinking that there are harder things in life than what we are doing. Think of Shackleton, we always remind ourselves. We're surrounded by words of inspiration in our cabin and they help us no end. Here are a couple:
‘Dan and Will. You will be reading this in some dark times – it’s what you do in those times that makes you champions. Win or lose as a TEAM. TOGETHER.'
Pete Reed – Double Olympic Champion 2008, 2012
‘The harder you find it, the better it feels come the finish. We all believe in you.’
James Cash – Rowed the Atlantic in 2011



The half way point is fast approaching... well at about 2.5 knots anyway. It will be huge for us to make it that far and then we can start the countdown knowing we have the better, more exciting miles ahead with Antigua approaching. We are so excited thinking about it.
It's nearly New Year and then we are in January....the same month we should finish. Two and a half years down, less than one month to go!

Bring it on!