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Aysgarth School back Team Atlantic Row 2013!

By Dan Howie | March 10th, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, Charities

It was back to school for Dan and Will on Wednesday as they headed to North Yorkshire, God’s own county!

Their destination was Aysgarth Prep School where Dan was a former pupil back in 1998.

The crew gave a presentation to the teachers and 150 boys who were all particularly interested, especially when Dan and Will started giving out Mars Bars for correct answers. The kids asked endless questions about the row with one even stating he would row 3,000 miles in 1 year on an ergo. Hero!

Aysgarth have kindly said they will help raise funds for their charities in the build up and during the race which is fantastic and greatly appreciated.

It was great to spend a few hours at Aysgarth, particularly for Dan who was given a guided tour of the school by Mr. Southall, his former History and Football coach. Good times!



Tags: Atlantic Row, Charities, Aysgarth School