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Blame it on the weatherman

By Jellyfish Team | January 23rd, 2014 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, The Team

Pete 'Stokey' Woodall is a veteran ocean sailor having made over 30 Trans-Atlantic voyages. With his company International Ocean Services, he teaches students completing their Ocean Yachtmaster Certificate.

I.O.S. provides training and weather routing services to rowers, offering courses suited to the individual needs and requirements of those taking part. Stokey trains solo rowers, pairs and teams, and has been involved in five record-breaking teams. In 2006 I.O.S. started a web-based Atlantic weather centre, providing free weather data for sailors and rowers alike to help them pick the best routes and times for their voyages. Stokey has helped thousands of first time yachtsmen on their voyage across the deep blue.


Stokey, based in the Isle of Wight, has helped the Atlantic Row 2013 team in their weather reporting and route-planning. Talking to Dan and Will nearly every day, he reports to them on the weather conditions around them and advises them on the best route to take, however due to a fault with their autopilot Dan and Will have been footsteering since near the start of the race, making their challenge even harder. Stokey also lets them know about their position in the race relative to the other teams, of which he also guided Atlantic Polo who completed the race in second place on Tuesday 21st January, taking nearly the same route as Atlantic Row.

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