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Having a whale of a time

By Will North | January 20th, 2014 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, Crossing

We've finally found some trade winds again which is a great piece of news as the weather hasn't been in our favour for a while now.

The trade winds will always build from behind so they have been helping the boats just to the east of us first, so it's nice for us to get back to business and get our speed up again!

The heat is terrible and the roasting hot cabin has been a bit of a nightmare. Neither of us are really sun worshippers so it's a case of trying to keep cool any way we can. We still have some issues with the water maker though, so manual pumping during our rest periods is still on the cards, which is exhausting in itself! We were also hoping to row two-up for the next few days to get to see our families quicker, but this may have to be rethought in this heat.

Finally we have seen what we have been hoping to catch a glimpse of since day one, and it was brilliant! A 25 foot whale gliding through the water no more than 30 metres from the boat. Sadly the camera was charging but it was definitely one of the highlights so far! Now just for a shark to rock up (at a reasonable distance) and we would have seen the full set!

Sadly there has been little improvement to our health. My knees are pretty well shot and both of us are suffering from some nasty looking botty spots/sores/blisters etc! Our nude modelling careers may have to take a back seat for a while! Sudocrem has been wonderful though and we are already wondering whether we could wrangle any free massages in Antigua to nurse our shoulder's and back's back to health.

We are now less that 400 miles to the end, but we have to remember there is still a race on-going and the pairs category is still up for grabs! With everything that has broken (including most recently my iPod - URGH!) so far we know that anything could go against us; so we row hard, keep our routines clean and look after each other as we see the campaign through to the very end.

It goes without saying that all the messages we have received have been terrific and we cannot tell you how much they are helping us get through this relentless challenge.

Looking forward to hopefully making you all proud over the next week or so!

Tags: Atlantic Row, The Crossing, Whale, Pairs