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How Atlantic Row has helped Cancer Research

By Jellyfish Team | December 19th, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, Charities

When we first met Dan and Will back in March 2012 and heard about the challenge they had set upon themselves – winning the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Row Challenge 2013/14 and raise £200,000 for charity – we were impressed, inspired and a little in awe!

We are so grateful that Will and Dan have chosen to support Cancer Research UK and dedicate their support to the Catalyst Club. This pioneering campaign is focused around personalised medicine, matching patients to the most appropriate treatment based on the genetic make-up of themselves and of their tumour. This area of research is particularly important to Will and his family, as in 2006 Simon North (Will’s father) was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a severe form of cancer, which affects the lymphocyte cells in the body’s immune system. Personalised medicine was at the heart of developing the latter of the three stages of chemotherapy that Mr North went through. This can be attributed to bringing him into remission.




Cancer Research UK is delighted to be associated with this voyage. Its daring and ambition are absolutely in keeping with our own plans to bring the benefits of molecular biology into the care of cancer patients through the work of the Catalyst Club: neither is easy or free of risk, but sometimes you have to stick your neck out to see the horizon. I wish Will and Dan every success.” 

Professor Peter Johnson,

Chief Clinician at Cancer Research UK


The Catalyst Club is funding some of the most cutting edge research into personalised medicine which will revolutionise cancer treatment in the next decade. A donation of £40,000 from Will and Dan will have a lasting impact in this field and help us to fund two new ground-breaking projects – Stratified Medicine II and TracerX. Stratified Medicine II will focus on people with lung cancer. It will help identify people suitable for clinical trials of targeted lung cancer therapies in the UK, driving progress and improving our understanding of the best way to treat this disease. Tracer X, the first project of its kind in the world, will discover how lung cancer evolves over time and how it responds to treatment. This will give us an unprecedented insight into lung cancer and open new avenues to make better progress for patients.


We have made great progress in the fight against cancer, but more needs to be done. Please support Will and Dan by donating now.

We wish them the very best of luck throughout their voyage and look forward to celebrating with them on their return.

Kate Saltrick

Cancer Research UK

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