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How the Atlantic Row team have helped St. Anna's

By Jellyfish Team | January 22nd, 2014 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, Charities

First and foremost St. Anna’s would like to wish Dan and Will a VERY happy 2014, and cannot begin to thank them for their simply overwhelming and incredible support.

Just over two and a half years ago, Dan approached me to say he might be thinking of rowing the Atlantic. I told him that he was mad but that I would buy shares in him if he were a company, as out of anyone I knew I thought he'd definitely be able to do it! He mentioned to me that there was also a chance they might be able to row for St. Anna’s, which was beyond exciting. Dan has always been a massive support to me, since I chose to set-up St. Anna’s Children's Home when we were only 19.

St. Anna’s has gone from strength to strength, and now not only houses 11 children full time but is also used during the day by 170 children as a school.

Since the boys have been rowing we have managed to purchase a piece of land nearby and we hope to build the new St. Anna’s Academy there!

This is where Dan and Will and your kind donations come in. With the funds we raise we hope to start building the Academy, it will be able to educate 260 to 300 primary school children at any one time.  It will be part fee paying (means tested), so will hopefully eventually cover the costs of itself and the home, so St. Anna’s will one day be entirely financially self sufficient, whilst providing an education to those whom an education would simply have been a dream. We estimate the school to cost us £70,000, so the more support we can give the boys the better!


Dan, Will and you, will be changing the lives of hundreds of children, by providing them with a good local school that will give them all, regardless of their background, a fantastic education. So please support them!

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to invite each and every-one of you to the official opening ceremony of the St. Anna's Academy when it happens out in Ghana! Since the beginning every penny raised for St. Anna's goes straight towards the academy and helping us reach our goals.

With so much love and luck from St. Anna’s to the boys on the ocean!

Lara De Klee

Co-Founder of St Anna’s Children’s Home

Tags: Atlantic Row 2013, Charities, St. Anna's