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La Gomera...We've Arrived!!

By Will North | November 19th, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News

We got up early to go to the supermarket and headed on down to the marina where all the boats are kept.

It’s great to see our boat Blue Steel looking as awesome as ever with all the new branding applied. There was some slight damage on transport but nothing too major which is a relief. It’s also great to catch up with a lot of the other crews in the race and have a proper bonding session about what lies ahead for all of us.

Today was mainly spent going through all of our food and putting our snack packs together for the crossing. Took bloody ages! But they are looking so damn tasty with Peperami’s, chocolate, nuts, Jelly Babies and dried fruit in all of the packs, I might have to sneak one before we leave. Tomorrow we will nail the main food meals and sort those into daily packs as well.

Most nights we have found ourselves at the Blue Marlin rowers bar demolishing pizzas like it’s nobody’s business. The Row 2 Recovery crew arrived today as well as The RAF team and Team Prosecta who are our Swedish friends we did our sea navigation course with. It’s awesome to see all these crews arriving safely and having a good catch up over a couple of beers.

In short there is a great camaraderie between the teams and everyone is willing to help each other out. Most teams are taking it pretty seriously but it’s still hard to call the outcome of the race. It’s going to be interesting! We are just focussing on our own goals each day and trying not to worry too much about what the other crews are up to!



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