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Press coverage

By Jellyfish Team | March 15th, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: Press

All of our press coverage can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

15/3/2013 The Village Magazine - Keeping Altantic Adventure Afloat

10/3/2013 Living North - Changing Lives

4/3/2013 Darlington and Stockton Times - Meat firm sponsors pair's boat

24/1/2013 The Village Magazine January Edition - Oar Inspiring

19/1/2013 Estates Gazette - Intrepid duo prepare to row, row, row their boat across the Atlantic

28/12/2012 Darlington and Stockton Times - Dan Gets Set For Record Atlantic Challenge

27/12/2012 Southern Daily Echo Online - In Training for 3,000 Mile Rowing Race

27/12/2012 Romsey Advertiser Online - In Training for 3,000 Mile Rowing Challenge

27/12/2012 Northern Echo-  Dan Aims To Break Transatlantic Record

27/12/2012 Hampshire Chronicle Online - In Training for 3,000 Mile Rowing

27/12/2012 Hampshire Chronicle - Its A Long Row To Will’s Charity Challenge

27/12/2012 Darlington and Stockton Times Online - Dan Aims to Break Transatlantic Record

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