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Talk of the ocean

By Dan Howie | January 17th, 2014 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, Crossing

Will and I have had a lot of time out on the open ocean to chat and think. Here are some of our top discussions, in no particular order.

Bums - We have been discussing how our bums are looking a lot, I'm surprised Will hasn't got sea-sick looking at mine!

Women - It's not just our bums we're thinking of, a large amount of talk is centred around women, of course I only talk about Jo!

Food - We have been discussing what our first meal will be on our return; a nice greasy burger or do we keep the healthy lifestyle and have a chicken caesar salad? One thing is for sure, we will be glad to not eat freeze-dried foods for a while!

Finish line - We are really looking forward to seeing our families at the finish line. Our parents, siblings and godparents will all be there to greet us.

Sleep - We will be glad to sleep for more than 1.5 hours at a time, luxury!

Progress - A main discussion point has been how we have been doing; tactics to help us progress and how many miles we've gained/lost.

Reality - We have been wondering what it's going to be like going back to the real world, back to our jobs and back to normality.

Bucket list - We haven't been discussing the big things but the small little things we would like to do but never got round to. Eat at that restaurant, go to this museum, see that musical etc.

 All-in-all we have had some interesting discussions being out here alone. Luckily none of them have developed into heated discussions and ended up with one of us overboard, although there is still time for that...

Tags: Atlantic Row 2013, Jo Bailey, Simon North, Emma North