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The boat

By Will North | January 1st, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: The Boat

The hard work from the Atlantic Row challenge may be down to Dan and Will but it wouldn't be possible without Blue Steel, the trusty boat that they will be rowing in.

The history of Blue Steel

Blue Steel was built in 2008 and took part in this very race a year later as ‘Explore’. She was crewed by two ladies who were the fastest female crew to reach Antigua. 

The boat was used in the 2011 race but things did not go quite to plan. With two Norwegians on board this time, the boat unfortunately capsized about a month into the race. One of the crew members was lucky to survive when he ended up 300 metres away from the boat when his safety line snapped. They then decided to withdraw from the race and were rescued. The boat (known as ’2 Friends’) then drifted for two weeks until it was picked up by the support yacht and taken to Barbados.

She has now been extensively refurbished with a lot of TLC by Simon Chalk of Oceanus Rowing. He has built more ocean boats than anyone in the world so Dan and Will's safety is in good hands.


Boat Design

  • The stern cabin will provide Dan and Will with a place to sleep when they are not rowing. It’s a tight squeeze with the cabin being a little smaller than a single bed. Not ideal when they are both over 6ft!
  • The hatches on the deck will store all the food (for 90 days) and emergency ballast water.
  • The boat has two rowing positions.
  • They must take three sets of oars.
  • Solar Panels on the bow and stern cabin will power all our electronics.

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