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The diet of an Atlantic rower

By Jellyfish Team | December 17th, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, Training

Dan and Will must keep well hydrated and energized on the Atlantic Challenge and here’s how they’re going to do that.

The guys will need to consume about 6,000 calories a day on average to stay energized and well fed. They will be losing a lot of weight throughout this challenge so their diet includes some fattening foods such as chocolate.

The basis of their diet will be focused on four main meals a day which consist of Expedition Foods freeze dried ration packs. These are 800 calorie servings with breakfast items such as granola with raspberries, oats with sultanas or blueberries and cereal with mango. The main meals are a mix of pasta or rice based beef, chicken, fish or vegetable meals. For dessert they can tuck into rice-pudding with cinnamon, or custard with apples or mixed berries.

The Expedition Foods freeze dried ration packs are unlike other dehydrated foods as they contain a logo.pngmultitude of ingredients and seasonings. As the ration packs are freeze-dried they retain their taste (and crunchy vegetables) but have the added advantage of being incredibly lightweight. The meals taste so good that you will soon forget you’re eating freeze dried food. Expedition Foods provide highly nutritious, flavoursome, easy-to-store and easy-to-prepare foods, all you need is some hot water to rehydrate the pack in five to eight minutes and they are ready to eat, you can also use cold water but this will take much longer to rehydrate. As the packs are pre-seasoned, pre-cooked and pre-mixed with other ingredients they are among the fastest, easiest and tastiest foods available, and with a shelf life of five years - so they can be used for Dan and Will's next big adventure.

To supplement these meals Dan and Will have put together snack packs consisting of Peperamis, chocolate bars, nuts, dried fruits, ultra power sachets and sweets. These snacks will make sure they keep their energy levels up whilst adding fat which can be turned into muscle throughout the journey.

As they will be rowing for a minimum of 12 hours each every day the team will need to stay hydrated. They will achieve this by using a watermaker to desalinate the salty sea water using reverse osmosis. This means Dan and Will have an unlimited supply of clean water for washing, cooking and drinking. And of course they will change the water between these uses!

Dan and Will also need to make sure their bodies can recuperate between the extreme physical exertion they will be putting themselves through. To help them with this they have TORQ Recovery Powder. TORQ’s newly formulated recovery drink has been designed to work with the new TORQ Recovery System, a highly advanced post-exercise nutritional drink formulation of Ribose, Glutamine, Maltodextrin and Fructose that has been designed to repair, recharge and refuel fatigued muscle tissue after heavy exercise. TORQ Recovery Powder comes in flavours such as strawberries & cream, chocolate mint, mandarin yoghurt and banana & mango. TORQ use all natural flavours and contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

There is no alcohol allowed on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge so the Atlantic Row team will be having a dry Christmas (surrounded by water). No brandy on their Christmas pud this year!

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