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The first few days

By Will North | December 4th, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, Crossing

Saying farewell to our friends and family on Tuesday and Wednesday was extremely tough.

However with the race start only a few hours away, we had plenty to occupy our minds on which made saying goodbye a little easier.

The race finally started on Wednesday 7th at 13.00, it was a relief to finally get going after two weeks of preparing our boat. Since the departure, which involved a helicopter and numerous support yachts, we have been constantly rowing in two hour shifts. The first 24 hours went well and I think at one point we were leading the race! It's now quite hard to tell where we are, as all boats have dispersed and therefore we cant find other crews in AIS range.

It’s been a very tough start to the race as we have been battling southerly winds trying to push us back to La Gomera! On Thursday night the wind was so strong that we couldn't hold our ground and had to deploy the sea anchor. This took some time given it was dark and the sea was rough. The winds continued until about 2pm on Friday, we had taken the anchor up and rowed two up for 5 hours straight to fight against the wind. It was a big relief when it finally died down and we could take a well deserved breather!

Today is like a mill pond and very very hot. We are averaging about 1.3 knots which is terribly slow and we are now very keen for mother nature to start being nice to us. Our bums now also look like the face of the moon! We are applying wet wipes, surgical spirit, and Sudocream after ever shift to try and improve their condition!

We were both very sea-sick for the first 24 hours and it has been a real struggle to eat. We have been fine the last few days however.

Morale is good though and it gives us great comfort to know that every stroke of the oars brings us that little bit closer to Antigua. Hopefully by 16th December the trade winds are going to kick in and then we should make up for the lost time so far.


Tags: Atlantic Row, La Gomera, The Crossing