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The history of Blue Steel

By Jellyfish Team | January 7th, 2014 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, The Boat

Blue Steel was built by Simon Chalk of Oceanus Rowing, a world record holder in rowing as well as renowned expert in boat building.

The boat was built in 2009 as 'Explore' and competed in the Atlantic Challenge under the helm of a female pair who were the fastest female crew to reach Antigua.

In 2011, the boat was then repainted and chartered as 'Two Friends' to Fredrik and Viktor, from Sweden, in that years race. However they capsized and left the boat to drift down the Atlantic without them. It was later retrieved by the support yacht and returned to Simon. Viktor got to see the boat again this year as he is competing in team 'Atlantic Inspiration'.

Simon then completely refurbished the boat for Dan and Will, taking her back to an empty shell. She was then lightened using modern components including lightweight solar panels, lighter cleats and titanium and carbon fixings. Blue Steel was originally the sister of 'Spirit Of MA' – but was slightly lighter as she was fitted with a honeycomb core deck. Spirit Of MA went on to break the fastest pairs crossing of the Indian Ocean.

Blue Steel is made completely from carbon fibre and a single layer of Kevlar, a para-aramid synthetic fibre, to protect against impact damage. She is the second lightest Adkins Pairs boat ever built, only slightly heavier than solo boat Amigo which chartered this year under AstroSweden (now retired from this years challenge).


Blue Steel after the refurbishment


Blue Steel with all branding in place and ready to row


Blueprints of a record breaking boat

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