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Our extensive training

By Dan Howie | January 1st, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: Training

This challenge can't be taken on lightly. In order to complete the row, Dan and Will have been training morning, noon and night.

To ensure Dan and Will are in the best possible shape for this Atlantic crossing, they have enlisted the services of Tim Grant and Steve O’Connor who have prepared an in depth training plan covering every week in the run up to this race.


Above, from left to right: Tim Grant, Dan Howie, Will North and Steve O'Connor




Steve O’Connor

Steve has volunteered to be Dan and Will’s rowing coach and has over 15 years rowing experience. Having spent six years rowing for London Rowing Club, he won 3 National Championships in the Eight, Coxed 4, and Coxless 4. Steven is qualified with the British Rowing Instructors Award as well as a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach. He will be teaching the rowing technique needed to get them across as quickly as possible.

Steve is the founder of Ozone Training which is a London based Personal Training company. Ozone uses training methods and systems that have been developed by competing athletes and delivers them in a way that is achievable by all. For more details and enquiries please see

"I am coaching Dan and Will on how to row and all things water-based in an effort to get them ready for their Atlantic Challenge. Dan and Will explained the challenge before them and the help they would need in order to achieve this goal.  

From our first meeting I have been overwhelmingly impressed not only with their motivation and determination but the genuine passion they have for this challenge and the charities for which they are raising money for. It was no surprise to me to find out of their previous endeavours both as performance sportsmen with a focus on adventure races. Between them they have cycled between London, Paris and Gibraltar, played 1st XV rugby for a major London team, completed LEJOG in 3 days and 19 hours as well as marathons and triathlons.

I have no doubt that they will be successful in their challenge. They are motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals and I very much look forward to supporting them in anyway possible in the run up to this event."

Tim Grant

Tim Grant has an extensive background in training, preparation and execution of operations, expeditions and sporting success. He spent six years in the British Army finishing as Second in Command of The Pathfinders, 16 Air Assault Brigade’s Advance Force Reconnaissance unit having conducted numerous overseas exercises and operations.

After leaving the army, Tim joined London Rowing Club with the intent of competing at Henley. He did this and went on to reach the Henley Royal Regatta final in both 2010 and 2011 and only just missed out on victory.

Tim recently opened the UK office for  a business risk consultancy MYR Consulting and continues to train competitively in rowing with a view to winning Henley in 2013.

Tim is supporting us in expedition planning and management and strength and conditioning training.

“I see rowing the Atlantic as one of the greatest challenges man can undertake. The first of course is to get to the start, I will support them in both fundraising, planning, preparation and the crossing itself.

Once into the race, I have no doubt that both Will and Dan will be pushed to their absolute limit. My intent is to create a programme of training over the next 18 months that will gradually raise their limit both individually and as a unit. Starting with physical strength and conditioning, we will then conduct a series of rowing and non-rowing exercises that involve physical and mental challenge with a healthy amount of sleep deprivation as well.

By the time we have finished with them, they will be as well prepared for an assault on the world record as anyone could be."

Tags: Atlantic Row, Training, Fitness