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Update from the high seas!

By Dan Howie | December 18th, 2013 | Department: Atlantic Row 2013 | Categories: News, Crossing

The last week has been so different to the one previously. After the storm, we came off the para anchor on Tuesday last week and have been hitting it hard to grind back those lost miles.

Prior to this we were losing our minds with boredom and continually finding new things that had come loose or broken!

It has been pretty tough going, we were fighting some serious swell against us for the first 36 hours, but then the winds shifted and we have been riding off some great trade winds for the last week. The waves can easily get to 20ft, but we have been having some fun trying to surf them!

During the night when the moon is out we can see all around us, but this is very rare and it can be a bit hairy at times. It’s moments like that when all the brilliant motivational e-mails are working a treat and we just get on with the job in hand! Please keep the donations and messages rolling in, they really do mean a lot!

Morale and embracing our ocean rower birthday suits are keeping us strong. There is still a race to win and we are working hard together to make you all proud.

As you will have seen from the Yellowbrick tracker we have been gunning it south-west for the last few days and this continues to be the theme. The trade winds are living up to the reputation and we have been clocking up some good miles with the wind constantly behind us.

It's important that we concentrate ridiculously hard to make sure the wind is always behind us, as being caught on the broadside could quite easily roll us. With this in the back of our minds, we are not particularly enjoying the night shifts as you can't see the waves coming until it's too late! It’s always a relief to see the sun in the morning that’s for sure!! We have another 24 hours of very strong winds to get through and then we are hoping it might calm down a little so we can do odd jobs on the boat and wash our clothes (we properly stink).


We had a large pod of dolphins around the boat a couple of evenings ago, it was awesome to see them in their natural habitat! We also had two flying fish on deck as well.

Our bums are still sore so we spend hours applying surgical spirit and Sudocrem every day.

Our short term objective is to get to Christmas Day. We talk about it a lot and are ticking down the days. Little goals help split it all up. Hopefully by Christmas Day we will be around halfway and then it gets exciting watching the miles fly by.

I need to go and pump some drinking water now so best go!

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