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Jellyfish Training Bundles

Training Courses


Looking to develop extensive skills in a specific area of digital marketing? Then take a look at the new Jellyfish Training bundles. Each bundle combines courses that blend together to deliver an expert level of training in your specific field of choice. What's more when you book a training bundle you will save a minimum of 20%.

Training bundles offer you the flexibility to complete our courses at a time that’s convenient to you. Simply choose the bundle that meets your needs and contact our Sales team to discuss available dates at one of our three locations, The Shard in London, Reigate & Brighton. 

The Analytics Bundle


Looking to become an Analytics Guru?

Our Analytics training bundle will teach you how to collect accurate data in Google Analytics and how to interpret it. We teach you the Google Analytics platform, its capabilities and functionality, how to handle the implementation process from simple to the most complex and how all of this can be delivered efficiently through Google Tag Manager. The Insights course will then show you how to extract your data and take action. 

This bundle is perfect for a range of abilities. It's truly a comprehensive package to give you a thorough understanding in the rapidly changing area of web analytics. 


This bundle includes:

  • Google Analytics Standard
  • Google Analytics Advanced
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Analytics Insights


Bundle Price £1,596 (Price excludes VAT)

The Search Bundle


Want to become an expert in all things Search?

If you are interested in learning all there is to know about Search, both paid and organic then this is the bundle for you. The two Google AdWords courses provide an in-depth overview of the platform and expert tips on how to run your campaigns. Then due to its increasing importance and complexity we've added a stand-alone course that covers the Google Display Network and YouTube (both served through Adwords), Facebook & Twitter advertising. Once you've mastered these paid channels, it's on to SEO Standard & Advanced to conquer the organic listings!

Whether you are entirely new to search or have past experience, this focused bundle will provide you with the tools to effectively improve your Search marketing campaigns.


This bundle includes:

  • Google AdWords Standard
  • Google AdWords Advanced
  • Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter Advertising
  • SEO Standard
  • SEO Advanced


Bundle Price £1,996 (Price excludes VAT)

The SEO & Social Bundle


Looking for ways to enhance your SEO and Social strategy?

SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media work cohesively together to help drive successful organic listings and new visitors to your website. Understand how to make SEO work for you, learn how to develop an effective content strategy that will help change or enhance consumer behaviour and realise the enormous potential of engagement with potential and existing customers through Social Media.

This bundle will empower you to help your business benefit socially and organically. With five courses in total, both beginners and experienced marketers will learn from this comprehensive bundle.

This bundle includes:

  • SEO Standard 
  • SEO Advanced
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Standard 
  • Social Media Advanced


Bundle Price £1,996 (Price excludes VAT)

The Optimise Bundle


Want to measure, analyse and refine your website?

This bundle provides you with the tools for ensuring you collect robust data and teaches you how to interpret the numbers and gain insight. Once you have uncovered the insights, our Conversion Optimisation course walks you through defining what tests you should try running through AB testing. If you are involved with or responsible for optimising the website performance, then our optimise bundle is ideal for you.

This bundle will help you look at data, understand what it is telling you and pinpoint those valuable changes to help improve your business. A great bundle for anyone responsible for website performance.

This bundle includes:

  • Google Analytics Standard 
  • Analytics Insights
  • Conversion Optimisation


Bundle Price £1,197 (Price excludes VAT)

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