Five tips for a data-based content strategy

| 07 Aug, 2015

Jellyfish Content Manager, Jane Cronin, looks at the key to successful marketing content; data. 

She provides her top five ways to create relevent, sharable content that effectively speaks to your audiences. 

1. Be user-centric

Before you even start, make sure you really know who your target audience is. Who are they? Why are they going to interact with your content, and how are they going to consume it?

2. Look at varied sources

Don't just consider what your competitors are doing. Look at a wide range of influential sources, having discussions on relevant themes.

3. Use these tools to find popular topics

Use social analysis tools, like Brandwatch and Buzzsumo, to find consistently popular topics. This will keep your ideas relevant and on point, and stop you focusing on themes that have a short shelf life.

4. Understand formats

Use this research to see which formats are the most consumed and shared. This can vary significantly, depending on your audience and sector.

5. Get creative with your data

Use data creatively so that you innovate rather limitate. Look to fill gaps in existing conversation, and build really engaging sources that build on existing interests.

Learn more about how Jellyfish approach marketing content here

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