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Google penalty removal and other essential SEO tools

| 27 Feb, 2015
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The Jellyfish Google Penalty Hub was created to help companies and webmasters find out if their site had been hit by a Google penalty following an algorithm update.

It then developed into an all-round SEO hub with tools and tips, not just a guide on how best to overcome negative SERP rankings following a penalty, but providing an SEO Glossary, ongoing algorithm updates and more.

Jellyfish Penalty Checker

Jellyfish SEO Director, Nick Fettiplace, introduces the hub and talks you through its current toolset:

SEO Director, Nick Fettiplace, provides an overview of the free Jellyfish Penalty Hub contents; an SEO Glossary, a tried and tested tool list, Jellyfish's Penalty Checker and more.

Okay so in the last couple of years, Google's been pretty proactive in releasing and updating several major algorithms. It's really become more important now than ever to make sure that your SEO activity is in line with webmaster guidelines as possible, because if not you might find yourself or your website vulnerable to being penalised.

So the Penalty Hub takes a bit of a dig into providing a background in terms of what Google's been doing to prevent black hat activity, and most specifically it looks at the Panda and Penguin algorithms and also takes a dive into manual actions, as well. The real aim is to give you a headway in terms of understanding whether maybe your website has been penalised in the past, and figuring out what you can do to try and remedy that penalty.

The Penalty Hub is really geared towards anybody who has a vested interest in looking after their organic visibility of their websites. That might be webmasters, small business owners who have a very hands-on approach to their marketing. It might be digital marketing teams, even other agencies. I think anybody who has an interest in making sure that their website is performing to the best potential within the organic hubs, really.

Okay, well first of all, I think is important to say that it's an ongoing hub, so it's going to be updated more and more as Google pushes through new algorithms or updates onto the landscape. But the most important thing is that it provides an overview into understanding what a penalty is about, the different types of penalties that there are, and it gives an overview and step-by-step guide into understanding and removing penalties such as the Panda penalty, a Penguin penalty, and also manual actions as well.

So that's the real guts of the Penalty Hub. But also within there, there are useful features; things like tool lists. So there are so many tools available in the market within SEO, but what we've done is we've listed and talked a little bit about the tools, which as an agency we use and which we've really tried and tested and have really good success with. There's also jargon buster, so we appreciate that not everybody is as experienced in SEO as others, and we've really tried to make the hub as user-friendly and as applicable to as many different users as possible. There's a jargon buster in there, just in case anyone gets stuck, and it just goes through some of the standard terminology which we'd use.

I think that one of the really important things is to say that it quite heavily integrates with the Jellyfish penalty checker, which we released a couple of months ago. The idea of the penalty checker is that you can use the tool to plot your website's visibility over a period of time, and what the checker does is that it maps out major algorithm updates against your visibility, so that you can understand, "Oh hey, you know what? On this date our website visibility really dropped." And it correlates with the specific update. So it really helps you to identify whether you've been hit or devalued by some kind of penalty, and gives you the opportunity to remedy any sorts of issues.

We've partnered with Searchmetrics and use their API to help create that tool. So it's something which we're pretty excited about.

So as an agency, we've actually been really successful in removing penalties, both algorithmic and manual. They're not always quick to remove, certainly not always easy, so the idea of the hub is you get first-hand information from our Jellyfish text, in terms of their approach in dealing with these types of issues, just to remove any kind of cloudy elements, or any confusion you might have around the subject matter. Completely free resource, the penalty checker, which goes hand in hand with the hub, is also free to register to. So you've got no excuses. Sign up now, you can hop on board and start diagnosing your own problems. The good news is that if you are still stuck at the end of that process, you can always get in touch with the team and we can help out.

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