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Social media, time to pay up? Jellyfish discuss with B2B Marketing

Blog | 11 Mar, 2015

As the popularity for paid social increases for brands, B2B Marketing invited Jellyfish's Senior Social Manager, Hannah Rainford, to join the debate.

B2B Marketing's Sean Aschcroft challenges paid vs. organic social; the difference between them and when to use what and how.

B2B Marketing paid social media article

Is free social dead?

'Absolutely not, counters Hannah Rainford, senior social manager for digital marketing agency, Jellyfish.

“That’s like saying SEO is dead,” she says: “Organic and paid activity each have their own benefits and pitfalls. If you optimise, build relationships and provide great content that’s shareable and targeted, organic will work for you.”'

Paid versus organic 

Once that was confirmed the next question was, ‘Is paid reach better than organic reach?', and what about ROI, purpose and whether there are actually any differences in the visitlity they deliver?

To which Hannah addressed one of its USP's; 'targetability'. 


“You can target who sees your message down to a granular level. For example, if you’re targeting those working within a specific industry or with a certain job title, you can use LinkedIn Ads to target them.”

In summary some things to consider when adding paid social to your marketing mix:

Key takeaways

  • The engine driving success is always content, content quality and its share-ability
  • If you optimise, build relationships and provide great content that’s shareable and targeted, organic will work for you
  • Paid social can be used to boost strong organic content in any content strategy
  • It is essentially sponsored promotion like display advertising or PPC – to give it context in the mix
  • B2B businesses who aren’t brand focused could consider paid social versus no social
  • Consider sponsored LinkedIn posts for job title and industry targeting, Social Media Examiner share how
  • Consider Twitter Promoted Video for enhanced B2C brand engagement – the Fitbit case study


Read the full article here

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