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What is native advertising?

| 12 Nov, 2015

PPC Director Matt Read gives an overview of native advertising; the benefits, content for promotion and our current preferred suppliers. 

What is native advertising?

Native advertising uses ads that match the content of the website they appear on. These normally look like articles, and appear on websites such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Sky News.

What is the beauty of native advertising? 

They're normally shown as news from around the world, other articles, or top stories, things like this rather than being clearly marked as an ad.

Pay on a cost per click basis 

Most native advertising platforms work on a CPC basis, and this is often a lot cheaper than traditional search, and even the GDN.

Our favourite suppliers

There are loads of native advertising platforms to choose from. Some of our favourites include Outbrain, Taboola, Dianomi, and Yahoo. But there are hundreds out there to suit your needs.

What content works?

Be mindful of your audience. Remember, with native advertising, it's all about content to content. You need clear, engaging articles to send people to. No sales talk, nothing like that, just content.

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