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Risk Free CPA Model

Jellyfish PPC

When we run a Pay per Click (PPC) Campaign our aim is to deliver a greater volume of acquisitions at a fixed Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). So we won't need any agency management or retainer fees. You'll only pay for results.

Before we begin to construct a Jellyfish PPC campaign, we find out our client's commercial goals and their business' key metrics. Using these goals and metrics, we are able to set up the CPA model for the campaign.

The Risk Free CPA model is still a rare pricing model for those running PPC campaigns, but it offers our clients a risk free, self-financing solution to generating incremental acquisitions (sales, leads, subscriptions), through Paid Search Marketing. The CPA can be in the form of a monetary amount or a fixed percentage of revenue.

By offering our clients a guaranteed fixed CPA, the onus is on us to deliver the required CPA. As our revenue is directly proportional to the results achieved by the campaign, our clients can always be rest assured that we will be striving to grow the number of acquisitions or revenue generated by the campaign. You know that whatever we do, it will be working to grow your business.

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