Bosh that hill!

Both the half marathon and 10K course is fairly flat with the exception of one challenging hill at the end… we’ve nicknamed this ‘Bosh Hill’.

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For half marathoners, the climb starts just after mile 12, and for 10Kers at about the 8K point on Littleton Lane.

For those of you who like to obsess about elevation stats you may want to crunch some data on MapMyRun or Strava but to keep things simple, the hill is about a fifth of a mile long and there’s a climb of 25 metres.

Don’t panic though – the hill will be lined with the ever enthusiastic and supportive volunteer crew from Bosh, the grassroots, online running club driven by a passion to share an all inclusive, fun approach to running.

And, as the saying goes, what goes up must come down… so get in there and go Bosh that hill, collect some high fives and look forward to a lovely, much longer, downhill recovery (a third of a mile) with the end of the race in sight. The descent drop of 21 metres will give you plenty of time to catch your breath for the grand finale.

There’s also an easier climb of 24 metres for a third of a mile as you leave Priory Park at the beginning of the race. But with fresh legs at the start, we think it’s only fair to point this one out! Again, there’s a nice, long recovery descent.

So don’t forget to build a little hill training into your running schedule. Check out this advice

You can learn more about Bosh at its Facebook group or website

Gary Maytham, Consultant Vascular Surgeon

North Downs Hospital Vascular Consultant takes up the Run Reigate challenge  

I’m Gary Maytham, and I am a Consultant Vascular Surgeon who offers a vascular service at North Downs Hospital. My NHS consultant practice is at St George’s Hospital in Tooting. I specialise in venous disorders, complex vascular access for renal dialysis patients, and peripheral vascular disease. My practice includes the management of varicose veins. I am also a regular officer in HM Armed Forces.

Why have I signed up for the RunReigate half-marathon? Well, quite unexpectedly, Nicola, the Marketing Manager at North Downs Hospital, asked if I was a runner. She was looking for one of the consultants to take part. I replied I was. And the past tense is probably correct… Read More


Shireen Bailey

Good luck to you all

It’s less than a week now which means all the hard training has been done (and if it hasn’t don’t try doing it this week!) It’s an easy week where rest and just a few easy runs are the best thing. Read More


Be fully protected on race day!

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Fuelling your running

TORQ supplies fitness services to clients and a range of performance nutrition products. They have created this overview on how to adapt your diet to fuel your training.
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Olympian Shireen Bailey welcomes you to Run Reigate

Race welcome

Hi all,
A big welcome to Reigate’s first ever Half Marathon! We are all very excited about it, the route has been carefully planned around Reigate, and it’s going to be an amazing atmosphere. Friends and family can cheer you on and of course we start and finish in lovely Priory Park.
Whether you are a seasoned runner, a fun runner or someone who has just thought about running, please set yourself a goal and enter this historic event, especially if you live locally! Running is so good for you, physically and mentally – it burns calories faster than many other activities, it boosts your cardiovascular health and your body’s immunity to illness. Running improves your blood cholesterol level, fights diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis. Best of all, it improves your confidence by helping lose weight, releasing endorphins and keeping you fit and motivated. What is there to lose!?
If you can, please run for one of our charities and help raise vital funds. There is plenty of time to train for this great event and reap the benefits of a healthier, fitter you.
I hope to see you there on the day.
Best wishes
Shireen Bailey
800m semi finalist and 1500m finalist, Seoul Olympics 1988
Second British girl to break 2 mins for the 800m
Running Coach and Reigate & Banstead resident