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As regular runners we have our favourite running shoes but we’re no gait experts. So to help you with your running shoe selection we’ve got the inside scoop from Brooks for footwear advice.


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Buying your first pair of running shoes can be a daunting prospect. There are an increasing number of different brands, styles, colours and shapes all vying for your attention, however not all of them will be right for you. To help you find the most suitable shoes and prevent injury and discomfort, specialist running shops are a useful place to start. They have more running shoes than anywhere else and more importantly, can tell you all sorts of useful things about the shoes themselves and about the way you run.

One brand you will hopefully come across here is Brooks. As a specialist running brand, Brooks believe there is no right or wrong way to run – only your own unique way. It’s the Brooks Run Signature philosophy. It’s this philosophy that helps us find the most suitable shoes for you, those ones that will make running more enjoyable than ever before.

Brooks’ simple process starts with biomechanics and asses how your body wants to run naturally. Once an individual’s preferred movement path has been established, we can look at your Run Signature; the movements your body goes through when you run. The differences between these two movement paths allow us to determine whether you are a neutral or support runner. From here, it’s over to you. You decide how you want to run, be it soft, springy, flexible or fast and we pair you with your perfect shoe. All you have to do is choose the shoes that are the most comfortable and feel right for you. However pretty or gaudy they might be, we always recommend going with comfort over style for your running shoes.




Currently 40% of women do not wear a sports bra when exercising, this is a huge percentage of the female population. Brooks aim to help educate women on the importance of a correctly fitted sports bra and identify the benefits to why you should be wearing one.

So why you should wear a correctly fitted sports bra when exercising?

There are no muscles in the breast – the breast is comprised of skin, fatty tissue and fibrous strands called Cooper’s ligaments. CL work like an elastic band, stretching and retaining their shape with each movement but over time they can lose their shape and elasticity

Without support breasts will sag – when the breast is unsupported during activity, the weight of the tissue, coupled with the breast movement can cause both discomfort and permanent damage to the breast tissue. Wearing a correctly fitted sports bra can reduce this damage and ultimately help to prevent breast sag.

Your breasts move more than you think – a common misconception among women with smaller breasts is that they don’t need a sports bra because their breasts don’t move that much. In research an unsupported A cup breast moves 4cm when walking alone and this can be more during running.

To ensure that your sports bra is providing the best level of support it can for you and the activities you take part in, it has to fit you properly. 80% of women are currently wearing the wrong sized sports bra and therefore may not be getting the correct support they need.

A sports bra works by controlling movement in the breast, it does this in two ways: compression and encapsulation. There are different style of sports bras and some will suit your body shape and activity better than others so we always recommend being fitted every time you buy a new one.

A correctly fitted sports bra can actually improve your athletic performance. A sports bra can bring the weight of your breasts closer to your centre of mass. By keeping them close to your body’s centre of mass you are reducing the external forces acting on your body which means you can run at your best!

In research it has been proven that running whilst wearing a sports bra can increase your stride length by up to 4cm, this doesn’t sound like a lot right? But if you add this up to a marathon distance, wearing a correctly fitted sports bra would help you finish the race 1 mile quicker compared to if you weren’t. Who wouldn’t want to make that much improvement just by wearing a correctly fitted sports bra?


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