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With every running event you get a build up in excitement and the nearer the day of the run the more the nerves are jangling and the greater need to address those last minute details. Do I need new socks, have I got enough Gels, checking what time must I leave for the tenth time! It’s what we all go through as runners every time. It is the same for us at Simply Sports, with every event we get to enjoy our customer’s feelings and it is a great buzz for all the staff.

However, our preparations start over 9 months earlier when we plan and place orders for the following season. Yes it is that far ahead, 2016 is done and dusted and we are now working on 2017!

Even something as simple as socks are ordered well in advance and might involve a meeting in Munich at the Sports Trade fair, trips to London and Birmingham to see various suppliers, we go through the same process of choosing our socks except that the numbers are slightly bigger and we have to travel a bit further. Oh and once we sign on the dotted line there is no changing our mind, we are committed so have to get it right.

As race day nears, whether it is a local Parkrun or the London Marathon we make sure we monitor on a daily basis our stock of the essentials and with the Run Reigate Half marathon and 10K we have even more focus with the race packs. For Run Reigate the excitement is fantastic, we feel every nerve, every twinge that our customers tell us about and the wonderful community spirit that this event creates, our staff love it and always ask months ahead if they can work during the lead up and on the day of the event.

Afterwards, we take stock, are we happy with our performance, did we enjoy it as much as last year and most importantly how did our customers get on. For weeks afterwards we hear tales of the day, the tough bits the atmosphere and then it is on to the next event.  There is nothing like a great local event and Run Reigate is one of the best in the country, officially one of the best!

Then the phone rings and it is Alex Wilson of Hilly Socks asking to book an appointment to go through our sock requirements for 2017! Now where did I leave that crystal ball?

Adrian Pointer – Simply Sports, Reigate


Charities, Sponsors and Parnters


The adidas Run Reigate Half Marathon is proudly promoting health, fitness and wellbeing whilst helping others less fortunate in our community. We are strongly supporting a few local and very deserving charities who need all the help we can give them.

Please consider using the adidas Run Reigate Half Marathon as an opportunity to get involved, get sponsored and really make a difference. If you’d like to to help, please contact the charities listed who would love to hear from you.

To view our chosen charities please click here.

Thank you!


Run Reigate, organisers of the adidas Run Reigate Half Marathon, would like to invite organisations large or small to become part of this unique and inspirational annual event.
With Reigate being voted in 2013 as one of the Sunday Times best places to live in the South East, there are great opportunities for business and community alike to be involved in a high profile, large scale event that will attract large numbers of participants, visitors and spectators.
We have a range of partnership opportunities available:

  • Financial sponsorship
  • Goods and services
  • Transport
  • Media
  • Volunteers

We would be very pleased to tailor a sponsorship package to suit your exact requirements:

  • Partnership in a high profile, professionally managed event with associated publicity
  • Strong branding opportunity at the event, and on all publicity and race materials
  • Positive profile with community, participants and employees
  • Branding opportunity on commemorative T-shirt and medal (main sponsor)
  • VIP hospitality at the event
  • Promotion of our sponsors to participants and supporters
  • Complimentary race places and reduced team places
  • Sponsor logo and website link on every page of event website
  • Branding and publicity in participant emails, newsletters and social media

For a full list of sponsors please click here.

For a full list of partners please click here.
For further information on how to become part of this unique Reigate event, please get in contact and we will respond to you as quickly as we can.