Your website is your shop front. It’s what people see, engage with and what builds your business, brand and reputation. But how do you begin designing this experience?

Through understanding the brand. Through research. Through conversations with the client and our User Experience, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Development teams. Considering performance in everything we do.

The result is a website that brings form and function together beautifully. It surpasses the brief, amazes the client and becomes something their customers embrace, engage with and share.

Under Armour event management tool build

User interface design 

User Interface design (UI) is key to the success of your website or application.

It will help to achieve your business goals and your customers’ needs – and keep on doing so. Because if your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, get irritated by page loading times or how long it takes to complete simple tasks, then not only have you probably lost them this time but they won’t return. And they won’t recommend you either.

Design goes beyond just the aesthetics. You want all your digital assets to be visually attractive, but this won’t mean much of they don’t work well or aren’t intuitive. Your customers visit your site or app for some actionable reason – to find information, to learn, to book, to reserve, to send, to buy, and hopefully to share. Sometimes all of them.

Jellyfish create engaging and intuitive performing websites that work smoothly across multiple devices. We have a track record in transforming conversion and user engagement, and will show you how we’ve achieved this for past clients and how we can do the same with your online presence. And that means happier customers who enjoy their experience with your brand, spend more and come back for more.


First we need to understand the project factors such as objectives, audience, processes, technical specification and messaging before creating inspiring brand experiences.

A great website layout requires use of basic design principles, such as consistent header, logo and navigation; contrast between text and background; alignment; and balance between text and images on each web page. We use grids, blocks, columns, as our foundation, we tailor layouts and use a customized responsive frameworks.



Performance design must be seamlessly incorporated into any web build project for the simple reason that every asset your browser downloads to display has a weight to it. In other words, most websites could do with losing a few pounds and be optimised for a better, fitter performance.

So we continually review and refine what we need display on each web page in the design and development process to create a fast, relevant and enjoyable user experience. Working with the CRO team to improve our conversion. We are proud of the design we produce but we make sure that it also performs.


If your web presence cannot be experienced openly and by everyone, then users with certain age groups and disabilities can be adversely affected.

At Jellyfish we make sure than everything we create from the most sophisticated to the simplest portfolio site can be experienced by everyone, depending on your requirements. We apply best practice when it comes to choosing contrasting colours and typography, making sure that legibility is of primary importance.



Functionality applies to how your website functions across all browsers, computer operating systems and mobile devices. More than this, your website also needs to look great on older (as well as current) versions of browsers and be mobile-friendly.

Our development, UX and design teams work together to make sure your functionality requirements are delivered. We test, analyse and refine. And through consistent design, use of colour, navigation we’ll create a web presence that works seamlessly.

Betfair recruitment website design & build


As we all know, the Internet isn’t tied to your desk any more.

It’s agile, it’s mobile, it’s on every platform and new browsing devices keep appearing. Our desire for access wherever and whenever we want it has made responsive design an absolute must-have for all brands and businesses. Without it, your brand doesn’t just look dated and out of touch, it means you’ll probably be losing business and credibility, too.

Over the years, we’ve developed a number of engaging websites that employ a responsive, fluid design methodology to give you one experience for all devices. And do it efficiently, beautifully and cost-effectively.

The introduction of CSS3 media queries has changed the way we both design and develop websites. In fact, now our expert developers create a single site which responds instantly to your desktop computer, smart phone and tablet.

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