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Fidelity gets 240% more transactions with search guided user journeys

Fidelity wanted to drive acquisitions for their ISA and self-invested pension products, so they turned to trusted digital partner of six years, Jellyfish.

Jellyfish were tasked with helping to create more buyer journeys using audience intent for highly relevant brand experiences that convert.

The aim was to incorporate remarketing advertising to users on search using ad copy (RLSA) into the existing PPC strategy to grow and progress more possible journeys along the funnel.


  1. Jellyfish segmented website audiences by categorising their intent in investment based on the content they’d viewed.
  2. Fidelity’s pre-existing website landing pages were selected for each of the intent stages based on their content.
  3. The PPC strategy was developed to incorporate the new search remarketing ads to effectively move users along their online journey to purchase.

Audience intent categories

Awareness        Users that had visited pages to find out more about Fidelity as a company such as Why Fidelity and their Blog. 

Consideration        Users that had visited pages to educate themselves about Fidelity products like What is an ISA?

Purchase        Users that had visited ‘take action’ pages such as Open an ISA and other specific product funnels.

Targeted media strategy

Online user journeys were progressed via combination of PPC and remarketing.

The remarketing consisted of 22 unique campaigns, these were then replicated three times based on the intent categories.

This enabled the journeys to be facilitated from informational awareness messages to a stronger call to action purchase message.


The newly introduced funnel-based, tailored remarketing campaign transformed Fidelity’s online success.

The remarketing is responsible for driving 38% of all new transaction volume since launch.

New transaction CPA also fell by 71%, and much more:

240% new transaction growth
483% more in remarketing revenue
91% lower cost per new acquisition
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