Creating an optimized website for full service law firm

Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV) is a full service law firm with offices in London, Watford, Bristol and Birmingham.

VWV prides itself on client commitment, a commercial approach, and a passion for service delivery of the highest quality.

VWV had wanted Jellyfish to design and build a web platform that could take their business to the next level.

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The objectives

VWV came to Jellyfish with the following objectives;

  • To build, design and launch a fully responsive website consistent with their existing branding
  • To support VWV with hosting on a consultancy basis to ensure the implemented solution is high speed, stable and reliable

The results

On returning to Jellyfish HQ the team consolidated the meetings notes into the foundations of a formal project scope incorporating SEO, development, UX, and design input.

By working collaboratively in this way we were able to provide VWV with a fully bespoke project scope that we could be sure was accurate and tailored to VWV. Delivering this signified the beginnings of bringing VWV’s new website to life!

Since kicking of the website design project in January with our project plan, timelines and expertise in hand we are well on our way to creating VWV’s website.

During phase 1, we conducted extensive keyword research to understand the core terms VWV should rank for each of their sectors and accordingly influence of the website navigation and information architecture.  Our UX teams utilised this insight and their research into user behaviour to build the structural framework of the website in the form of wireframes.

Jellyfish created a bespoke website UI icon set for VWV to compliment the VWV brand

After presenting the wireframes and IA we received approval and began progressing with our designs for both mobile and desktop.

With the Marvel app technology we use to create our designs we are able to share and showcase the designs easily and allow the client to experience the beginnings of the website from a user perspective.

To complement the new website conduct a 1 day photoshoot at VWV’s offices. The output of this will be a portfolio of new image assets of their new offices and the atmosphere and energy of the people who form the VWV team.

Throughout this process, the strong lines of communication between VWV and the client team have facilitated the collation of feedback and regular updates about our collective progress. As integrated agency, we also hold weekly team huddles. 

This gives all member of the team the opportunity to discuss upcoming milestones, dependencies and anticipate any actions we need to review with the client.

As we approach the final designs we can be sure that our cohesion as a team so far will put is in good stead for the remainder of the project.

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