Audience Center 360

Users all come with their own attributes – whether that is based on demographics or the types of products they have purchased, for example. Along with this, users will have different requirements, which will dictate the decisions they make and the actions they take on your digital platform.

Due to this, it’s imperative that users are categorised accordingly, which will allow you to identify key audiences and how they can be targeted with specific content, based on what they want and need to see.

Audience Center 360 is a data management platform (DMP) that connects the dots between user data from Google products in addition to numerous third-party data to build granular segments of users for targeting.

For most organisations, various platforms are used dependent on marketing channels, such as Google AdWords, DoubleClick, Google Analytics and other analytics tools and even CRM systems. Audience Center 360 will be a universal system that will combine these tools and the customer data within these, organising your customers/users into their various groups. This will allow you to easily identify groups of people to target, sending them the right information at the right time.

Collating all this data across platforms together will further enhance the understanding of your marketing channels and how they work together. Another huge benefit is the built-in DoubleClick and Google AdWords integrations, removing the need for multiple tagging – creating a clear and efficient setup.

It’s a simple process to use various user groups/audiences from Audience Center 360, and distribute these into tools like DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) or even other third-party tools.

Serving your users based on what they want and need to see, will result in an optimised way of marketing to your users, therefore leading to an improved ROI.  

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