Effective, distinctive and original photography across your marketing activity is essential to the success of your business, brand and campaign. 

We never suggest our clients purchase stock photography. It may be cheaper in the short term, but your business will end up with anodyne images any other business can use, thus watering down your brand exclusivity. Instead, our professional photographers will work closely with our creative team to develop, test and shoot your own style of imagery that’s perfectly aligned to your brand.

In addition, when you have the rights to your photographic assets you can build your own exclusive image library that no-one else can use. These images can be used across your website, display campaigns, mobile sites, social media and offline assets such as brochures, print ads and direct mail. Basically, wherever your brand needs to be seen and experienced.

At Jellyfish, our approach to developing the right photographic work for your company is based on our creative team fully understanding your business, your market, and your product.

And where you want to take all of them.

Concept Creation

Our experienced team of creatives will work with you to establish a concept and style for your imagery that will positively and genuinely reflect the core ethos of your brand.


Where people or models are required, we can cast on your behalf, either managing the process alongside our trusted casting agent or helping you write casting calls for internal use where real people or customers are required.


Through our extensive photography and video work, we have a bursting black book of locations and studios to choose from and have the patter required to confidently negotiate and secure even the most seemingly random locations. 

Art Direction

We pride ourselves on our in-depth preparations and it would be amiss to not follow this through to completion. We have art directors available to attend shoots, who can work with your existing photographers, or indeed our photographers, to ensure that the shared vision created in the planning stage is followed through and perfectly reflected in the final imagery.


After the shoot, we bring the images back to our studio where the same team of creatives who worked on your concept will work again on your images to ensure continuity through to completion.

Out of the hundreds of images captured, we work with you to shortlist those that are best before our retouching experts get to work on perfecting your images and aligning them with your brand’s look and feel.

Rights, Releases and Logistics

We can handle all the fiddly intricacies of organising a shoot. We have an international understanding of release permissions required covering people and locations and can also advise on the implications of travelling with photography equipment to make sure there are no surprise costs. If you have existing release documents, we can obtain signatures on your behalf, or we do have our own release forms that we can use. Unlike some providers, with Jellyfish, you will always own all your photography.

Prior to a shoot, we will create a call sheet as we would with a video shoot and we send this to all stakeholders and participants to ensure that everyone is aligned with regards to schedules and expectations.

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