Drupal 8 Developer

Drupal 8 Developer

Reston, US

The Role

Jellyfish delivers digital marketing solutions across the world for a host of impressive brands from their offices in the US, Europe, and South Africa. The agency’s award-winning combination of technology and talent help it to deliver paid media, UX, SEO, social media, analytics, optimization, creative and development solutions.


We are looking for a Drupal 8 Developer experience to work within our Reston office. If you enjoy coding, sharing ideas and love being part of a collaborative team within a growing international agency, then this is the role for you


You’ll be responsible for building different applications and sites for our external clients and several Jellyfish-owned products and services. We add to these all the time so there’ll always be new challenges to work with.


Like the sound of us? And are you someone who can bring fresh ideas, fizzing energy and a hands-on can-do attitude to where we work (and how we work?) If so, we should be talking.


  • Maintain a good standard of coding and adhere to the same conventions as the rest of the team.
  • Leave code better than you found it (and fully commented)
  • Test your code, be it client or server-side
  • Be willing to take ownership of projects and to present your proposed solutions to the wider team to non-technical staff
  • Jellyfish developers tend to work in a DevOps capacity and you will be expected to reach a degree of competency in maintaining your own development server and migrating work in progress to UAT/testing servers
  • Ability to perform effectively to tight deadlines, work well both independently and as part of a team
  • A proactive attitude to problem solving and an understanding of the role of development in a creative environment
  • Be willing to work in a research capacity – to find and test and critically review open-source frameworks and technologies
  • Open, honest and direct, is comfortable in giving and receiving constructive feedback

Skill Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science, IT, Software Engineering, Web Development,
  • Certification in PHP web development, graphics and software programming a plus
  • Certificate in web development, multimedia design, web design and web content management also a plus
  • 5+ years of experience in software graphics manipulation and web programming
  • Strong knowledge of PHP object orientated and mySQL
  • Experience with Drupal and Wordpress
  • Experience in CMS
  • Experience in Frameworks such as Symfony, Codeigniter or Laravel
  • Ability to scope and estimate technical builds
  • Good understanding and effective application of Linux command-line.
  • Ability to code and debug in:
  • HTML
  • CSS (responsive design framework)
  • JavaScript / jQuery.
  • Experience of implementing Google Analytics code and debugging
  • Experience of using version control:
  • Github
  • Subversion
  • Robust knowledge and understanding of Databases (MySql/ MariaDB)
  • Working knowledge of XML/JSON and using 3rd party API’s.
  • Experience of MVC frameworks/architecture:
  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • Must be able to stay on top of advancing internet and computer technology and its effects to the business environment
  • Be willing to work in a research capacity – to find and test and critically review open-source frameworks and technologies.


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