What is DoubleClick Campaign Manager?

DoubleClick Campaign Manager is the third-party ad server that allows you to plan, execute and measure your display campaigns through DoubleClick.

It is where advertisers make ad placements, create floodlight tags and push to Google Tag Manager (GTM), and complete trafficking tasks.

Formerly called DoubleClick for Advertisers, the updated interface centralizes and streamlines ad serving and campaign management activities while standardizing reporting.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager benefits

Instant updates - Ad updates go live in only 2 minutes.

Cross-device targeting - Insights are captured from campaigns across all screens and formats in one place.

Seamless audience engagement - Creatives and tags are shared and remarketing lists are synced so audiences are seamlessly engaged across every part of marketing campaigns.

Centralised creative management - Brands can connect to targeted audiences with video, rich media, and dynamic formats as well as track YouTube TrueView campaigns side-by-side with all campaign placements.

Campaign Manager tools

Floodlight tags

  • Track sales revenue and visitor interactions
  • Pass up to 20 user-defined values such as promo codes, postcodes, SKUs, product type, etc.

Dynamic tags

  • Passback custom variables into DoubleClick Campaign Manager each time the floodlight tag fires
  • Discover any third-party pixels that are placed in the floodlight tag settings
  • Removes the need to create publisher tags on the advertiser’s website

Bulk edits

  • Complete trafficking tasks utilizing in-line and bulk editing
  • Reduce the number of clicks to perform common trafficking tasks

Audience insights

  • Understand the segments with which messages best resonate
  • See how first- and third-party lists overlap when used with DoubleClick Bid Manager

How does DoubleClick Campaign Manager interact with the rest of the DoubleClick platform?

DoubleClick Campaign Manager sits at the core of the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform.

It rethinks how brands manage their digital marketing efforts—from planning and implementing, to evaluating and optimizing their campaigns.

Uniform floodlights - Use the same floodlights to track and report across all tools in DoubleClick.

Keyword remarketing list - Push keyword remarketing lists from DoubleClick Search to DoubleClick Bid Manager, allowing insights from paid search to inform display ad buys.

Integration with Google Analytics 360 - Utilize actionable information about which marketing ideas and channels are working.

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