Email design & build

There's a lot to consider when we design and build email templates for clients.

What is the aim of the email? What action do you want the consumer to take? What do you want them to feel? What devices do they use? All of these things are hugely important if you want to deliver a successful campaign.

It's not only data and strategy that makes your email campaign a success. Each brand has a story to tell and email is a great way to continue to tell that story. It is important to carry through your brand look and feel and ensure that your brand is consistent across devices. That's why we build emails as responsive, taking a mobile-first approach.

At Jellyfish, we truly believe that email should have one key message and focus, one goal. When designing the email with that in mind, it makes it simple and easy for the consumer.

Sometimes a consumer's first interaction with a brand is through an email, so it's of huge importance to make sure that email templates render as well as possible across multiple platforms.

With 60% of US smartphone users accessing personal email daily via mobile, marketing leaders must consider that users engage differently with mobile devices compared with PCs and must adjust email content, offers, and delivery strategy accordingly.

Forrester, The Time Is Right For Email Innovation

Responsive design

Because your message can be read and actions can be taken from anywhere, you want your message to work across all devices. Fortunately, we know how to do that.

When we put our heads together to create email templates, we ensure they are responsive. Responsive is both a design and development response to multiple screen sizes.

Not only is the content tiled and stacks to make it flexible, it needs to remain effective across all channels. To accomplish this, you need to have clear, easy-to-find and easy-to-use calls to action.

Design & build

Our emails are designed to be visually appealing and direct users to engage with your content. Leave it to us to marry the content and imagery to create a marketing masterpiece. We build emails using HTML5 and CSS coding standard. It is also important to us that we go through a stringent quality assurance process, using best-of-breed tools to ensure that emails are rendering correctly on the email clients and devices that you want to target which will give you the best possible reach.

Dynamic content

Using dynamic content to the best of its ability means delivering the most relevant information based on both behavioural and data-driven information that is unique to each recipient within one email deployment. This goes beyond the static insertion of a first name for personalisation and delivers the last 3 products the site visitor viewed.

Dynamic content can be driven by any number of user behaviours, for example, the sections of your site that they visit indicates where their interests are. If they are doing several top-of-the-funnel or bottom-of-the-funnel conversions, you will now know how likely they are to convert and can deliver content to align with their lifecycle stage and interest.

Dynamic content is built with if-then scenarios and can become quite complex, but rest assured with our expertise, we will manage the logic that drives the decisions to ensure your message is uniquely relevant to everyone that receives it.

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