Three things marketers can learn from Tinder

| 12 Feb, 2015

As Valentine’s Day approaches what can marketers learn from the world’s most loved-up app?

Social engagement is more than reach

In some ways Tinder is pretty insignificant on social media. Tinder’s paltry 120,000 Facebook likes are dwarfed by more established online dating services. Zoosk has 14 million Facebook likes for example, but does this tell the whole story?

Analysis of social media activity by Marketing Magazine found that they are clearing up in terms of mentions, hogging 38% of activity.

Zoosk Facebook likes

Why does Tinder get better social engagement? It probably has something to do with the visual nature of Tinder.

Hilarious or terrifying match chats are often screenshot and shared socially. Perhaps this is because Tinder is easier to set-up than a traditional online dating profile, linking in with user’s existing Facebook profiles.

Seize new opportunities

There are several instances of Tinder being used to promote other things. The Mash Tun, a bar in Brighton, set-up a Tinder profile, listing the bar as a 21 year old male. This cheap and quick tactic enabled them to gain exposure with a highly relevant local audience, gaining additional attention for appearing in an unexpected location.

New marketing channels and opportunities are opening up. Smart marketers jump on these opportunities. Snapchat’s new ‘Discover’ feature is another example.

Give it away for free, then charge for it

Tinder has been offered for free or ad-free for a significant period of time before being monetised. This has worked well for messaging company WhatsApp, who offer the first 12 months free of charge before asking users for $1 per year. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for $19 million and reported 700 million active users in January 2015.

The monetisation of Tinder means that free users will now have a limited number of swipes. Tinder Plus is the new paid service which gives users an unlimited number of swipes.

Tinder might not be the romantic’s choice of dating app, but it has set a new high watermark for online dating marketing. According to some sources the app is approaching 50 million active users and completed its billionth match in March 2014.

Happy Valentines!

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