AdWords New Interface: A Sneak Peak

Blog | 08 Feb, 2017
Google is completely redesigning AdWords and we're giving you an inside look.

Google just started rolling out the Alpha for the new AdWords interface (UI) which was originally announced back in March 2016, with the plan to retool the whole AdWords platform.

Google’s goal for the platform is to make the data more accessible and to simplify the tools in order to accomplish more in less time.

The focus is now more on your business and less on Google’s product - horah!

Jellyfish was fortunate enough to be opted-in to the alpha program, as only a few select accounts have been chosen and wanted to share our internal impressions.

In short, the UI is faster, easier to navigate, and there are many new ways to visualise the data.

If your account is included in the Alpha you will see this new tab at the bottom of your browser.



If you are one of the lucky ones to get alpha access, I wouldn’t recommend it for daily management yet, however you can switch between the new and old UI whenever you choose.


Faster UI

The first notable difference is in the speed of the UI – no longer does it take a significant amount of time to swap in between campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

This will save time, especially in large accounts where hundreds of these can bog down the UI to the point where pages won’t load or need to be refreshed.

New Navigation 

The main menu navigation bar is no longer at the top of the page listing the tabs from left to right. The tabs have been moved to the left side of the page, listing everything from top to bottom.  

Most of the tabs from the old UI are still present, but you will see a few new ones. The dimensions tab, for example, has been removed and broken out into their own tabs - Settings, Locations, Ad Schedule, Devices, and Advanced Bid Adj.


Ads & extensions are grouped together. In the extensions, you are able to see all the extension in an ad group at once, with the option to filter out certain extensions, rather than having to switch in between each type.

Better Data Visualisation

The biggest addition to the AdWords interface is the new data visualisers. It starts the with the overview tab which can be used at the account, campaign, and ad group level.

Some of the most noticeable ones are the Devices Chart and the Day & Hour Chart. Instead of having to pull all the data into excel to create these charts, they are accessible when you first open the interface. You are able to switch between the metric of your choice to view your data.


You are now able to compare four different metrics in the line chart instead of being restricted to only two.


Another new feature that has been added, is found in the locations tab. As soon as you click into a campaign, a google map appears at the top, highlighting all the locations that are being targeted and excluded. This can even be shown at a satellite or terrain view.

Other New Features

An Advanced Bid Adjustments tab is now available, which allows users to modify the bids separately for each of the different ‘interactions.’

As seen in the screenshot, ‘Calls’ is now an interaction that can be adjusted via bid modifiers.

With this new modifier in place, it will be interesting to see what other interactions Google will allow us to bid on in the future.

There is also a new creation tool.

As of right now, only Search & Shopping campaigns are able to be created. It looks to be similar to the old tool, but now in a more layered approach. You are able to create new campaigns based off your goals and the UI will show you recommendations for features and settings that are specific and relevant to those goals.


Now, as this is still just an alpha, there are a few tools missing from the original UI:

  • Business data and shared library (audiences)
  • Advanced editing - automated rules, bulk uploads, copy/paste
  • Report downloads
  • AdWords Lab
  • Manager accounts
  • Dynamic Search Ads, Mobile App Ads, Video Discovery Ads, and Display Campaigns

I would say it is a good start to an upgraded UI.

As I said, I wouldn’t recommend using the alpha for daily management at this time, as it is still missing a majority of the features AdWords provides, but you are conveniently able to switch between both the new and the old UI whenever you choose.


We are excited to see how this progresses and what features Google will add, as I am sure Google will be continuing to update this as the year moves forward.

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