Dedicated landing page environments for PPC

| 30 Jan, 2013

At the start of every vacation, I’m sure the majority of you have had this thought: "Why can’t I just get there without the journey?”

Unfortunately, even in this fantastic technological age, teleportation is still a ‘work in progress’ for the greatest minds of planet Earth. However, we have made similar strides within the world of PPC in the form of dedicated landing pages. A PPC specific landing page is just like transporting the user to where they want to be. All the elements are there and we try to reduce the journey to almost nil. The beauty of this is that YOU the advertiser have the power to choose that page, making sure it is relevant to the search query used and the ad they clicked on. Essentially the purpose of PPC landing pages, due to the cost of PPC traffic is to convert visitors to your site into leads/sales/actions.

So what are the benefits?

• Content; A good landing page will have clear and user friendly content promoting why they should take an interest in your product, without the distractions of what you find on a main site tempting the user elsewhere.
• User Experience; Because the viewer goes directly to the information they’re looking for, there's no need to navigate through your website to find that information. Only use the homepage for brand and top level generic keywords.
• Measurement; You can track the number of visitors who enter your site on a particular landing page and this measures the effectiveness of the URL link - the banner ad, email message, or search engine link.
• Split Testing; You can always improve. Using A/B testing to can swap out copy, change CTA placements and experiment with different offers to see which variation is the champion performer.

Here I have shown a good example of everything you need from a landing page:

Jellyfish Agency Carfax blog image

As we can see it has:

  • A clear CTA
  • A short, to the point paragraph
  • Attractive images
  • Bullet points for easy reading

A few tips:

  • There are no rules regarding content length. Sometimes short to the point copy will work, other times you may need to include more information to induce an action.
  • Clear call-to-actions!
  • Everybody should have a plan for ongoing site optimisation. The search landscape and your consumer’s are always changing, so your landing pages should change with them
  • Set live, measure results and then optimise!

Whatever your budgets may be, it is crucial to invest time and money into your landing pages. Many of you will already be investing heavily on media spend and so maximising the results from that investment is vital. Remember, whilst dramatic increases in conversion volume can happen, the goal is to achieve slow and steady growth in conversion rates. Remember - Rome wasn’t built in a day (Jellyfish weren’t on that particular job).

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