Four reasons to use Facebook ads

| 09 Jul, 2015

PPC Account Strategist, Gareth Cleevely, puts his case forward as to the added-value you can achieve using Facebook ads.

In particular, around reaching specific audiences, mobile device suitability and comparing it to Google search.

Increase your target audience

Many forms of display advertising tend to be targeted on context and key word level.

However, with Facebook, you can increase your audience on a much more personal and relevant level.

Facebook enables you to find users based on a wealth of factors, from age and location to the more targeted, such as those who have recently moved house or within 30 days of an anniversary.

Get specific

If you really wanted, you could target those who are only in a long distance relationship, have used a travel app within the last month on their Apple device.

You could also target people who have recently visited your website or even upload a group of email addresses and reach people that way.

Mobile-ready ads

A lot of other ad formats can be displayed small and cramped on a mobile screen.

However, with Facebook, the click of a button and your ad will be displayed clearly to 798 million daily mobile phone users.

Facebook ads vs. Google search

With Google search, they are only so many people you can reach, because they are only so many people searching for your product.

Facebook ads allow you to target individuals who may not be necessarily searching for your product but may still perfectly fit your desired audience.

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