Four ways Google Tag Manager can enhance your analytics

| 16 Oct, 2015

As companies continue to migrate their websites to Universal Analytics, Lewis Fantom shares the four biggest benefits to come out of Google Tag Manager so far, for marketing and analytics managers. 

How can GTM enhance your analytics?

Migrating to Universal Analytics can at first seem a daunting task, especially when you throw Google Tag Manager in the mix. We have empowered marketers to take control of their analytics, enabling businesses to make decisions based on data they can trust.

How will GTM effect efficiency on your site?

After migrating to Google Tag Manager marketers will no longer need to rely on developers to implement or adjust tags placed on the source code, because only the Google Tag Manager tracking code will need to load on the site. As a result site speed will dramatically improve.

GTM also allows for a huge range of 3rd party tags and Google products, like AdWords and DoubleClick tags, to be easily implemented. Custom HTML tags can also be created, allowing 3rd parties such as Facebook and Twitter Conversions to be easily tracked through GTM.

This vastly improves the flexibility and speed of tag Implementation. Which will help prevent you from missing those tight campaign deadlines.

How will your organisation improve with GTM?

Messy source code will become easier to manage and organise because Google Tag Manager will free up and declutter your website code and dramatically improve site speed as only the GTM tag will need to be asynchronously loaded by the website.

On top of this, Google Tag Manager's intuitive and ever improving interface allows you to better structure your tags, especially with the recent introduction of folders which have now added an extra layer of organisation within containers. 

How secure is GTM? 

You can control user permissions within Google Tag Manager for increased security through controlled levels of user access. Such as viewing, editing and the ability to deploy a container live to a site.

Also, Google Tag Manager's debug console means you can accurately test tags before deploying anything live on a site.

If anything goes wrong, you have the ability to revert to a previous version of your container immediately, essentially undoing the most recent live version. 

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