Get Informed: 16 Social Media Must-Knows

Blog | 28 Oct, 2016

You know there's so much interesting content out there to make you better at your job, you just don't have the time to visit every source and find it?


Fear not, we've taken the time to collate the best articles out there to keep you on top of everything that's happening in the world of Social Media.

For each article, you will find a short summary as well as a link in pink to the full article - have a read and make sure to leave your comments below!

What's happening at Facebook?

Facebook Adds New Ways to Monetize Instant Articles, Including Video And Carousel Ads

Facebook is pushing for more native content on its platform – going forward, it is very likely that reach for Links will decrease to the benefit of Instant Articles.

Facebook Rolls Out Workplace to All Companies

Facebook Workplace (previously referred to as “Facebook at Work”) is a collaborative platform for internal communication: users can share files, tag other users, create groups etc. The platform also comes with a messaging app to challenge the likes of Slack or Skype. In the future, it will allow “different companies to create and manage inter-organisation groups for employees to collaborate on shared projects”.

Facebook Has A Big New Ad Campaign For Live Video

On top of paying celebrities and global brands to use Live, Facebook is about to advertise Live on TV, billboards, bus ads to encourage more users to broadcast live content. Below is an example of what it would look like, but there’s another example in the article:


Campaigns will be launched in the US and in the UK so brace yourselves.

Facebook Verified Pages Can Now Schedule Live Video

This update aims to send reminders to verified Pages followers to make sure they don’t miss out on the live stream – there’s a how-to guide on how to set this up in the article. This update will be rolled out to all Pages over the weeks to come.

Facebook is Testing Ads in Groups

Well of course they are. Facebook recently that it is not interested in serving more ads, but rather “better” ads. Ads in Groups will be super interesting to target particular Interests or demographics – virtually every student is member of a Uni group for example.  

What do you need to know about Twitter?

Google, Apple, Disney and Salesforce wanted to acquire Twitter. Not anymore.

Rumours had it that Twitter was about to be acquired by another giant company. In the end, they all pulled out, with Salesforce officially saying that Twitter was “not the right fit”, but various sources reported that the main reason for the withdraw was Twitter’s hordes of trolls who reflect badly on the business. 

Customer Care via Twitter Increases Willingness to Pay Across Industries

Interesting study – we already knew that dealing with customer requests through Twitter (and social networks in general) was valuable for customer satisfaction, but Twitter put some figures on it. The study also highlighted that speed is crucial.

Twitter Is Pushing Live Broadcasts, Too.

Twitter is signing deals to broadcast high-profile live sport events to reinvigorate its user growth. The latest partnerships include a series of NFL games (previous broadcasts had 200,000 viewers avg.) and one of the biggest Horse races in the world. Twitter is reportedly looking to secure deals with the world of Football, so it’s likely we will see an open war between the major social networks for live broadcasting.

Twitter’s cutting 350 jobs, or 9% of its total workforce

Twitter slow growth is harming its business and putting off investors: shares fell 7% this month after talks for acquisition by Salesforce crumbled.

What’s the plan, Twitter?

Twitter’s user growth has been plateauing for some time, and this article review what the situation that Twitter is currently facing - a good read.

What's the story at Instagram?

Instagram Stories Are A Massive Success

Instagram Stories already have 100 million active viewers. In other words: two months after being introduced, Stories have already conquered 2/3 of Instagram’s DAU – something to keep in mind for future campaigns.

Will Instagram Stories Lead to the Demise of Snapchat?

Instagram (literally) copied Snapchat’s Stories so due to Instagram’s larger user base, we could fear the death of Snapchat. That, according to early reports, has not materialised yet. However, the article predicts that Instagram will be betting on gaining a foothold in regions where Snapchat has not built a solid user base yet.

Delete A Meal To Donate A Meal’

Great campaign in the US that turned foodporn photos some real value. 

Be sure not to overlook Pinterest?

Pinterest’s Monthly User Base Hits 150 Million People, Up 50% From Last Year

DON’T SKIP THIS ONE. Pinterest is often overlooked by marketers, but it shouldn’t be. While demographics used to be 80% women living in the US, this is changing lately – Men account for 40% of all users and 75% of new users are not US residents.


New features at LinkedIn

LinkedIn Adds Three New Features To Its Mobile App

Long story short: LinkedIn mobile app users are now able to 1) refine your feed 2) Save articles for later and 3) explore content through the Search box. The last one is particularly interesting if we’re hunting for content as the posts on there are usually professional and educating.


Other interesting stuff we'd like to share with you...

Snaplytics: the first platform for Snapchat analytics

New tool Snaplytics is able to report basic metrics such as views, completion rate and open rate. However, Snapchat is not willing to let 3rd party access its data, so it’s likely that Snaplytics will be short-lived.

Photos: Visit Instagram’s New California HQ

… which looks like an IKEA catalogue.

Real Madrid moved its TV channel over to Facebook Live

Football Club Real Madrid is among the first to move its video content over to Facebook, but the article predicts many will follow suit, especially multinational brands with global audience: “but as OTT becomes the dominant platform for TV distribution then the likelihood of digital businesses investing directly in rights will increase - creating greater competition for TV networks and broadcasters.”

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