Get the most from display with GA Premium & DoubleClick

| 09 Oct, 2014

During 2011, Google launched an even more powerful version of its analytics tool for enterprise clients - Google Analytics Premium (GAP)

Standard Google Analytics provides a strong foundation and reporting system for any website or mobile app, but when traffic starts to go through the roof, Google Analytics Premium stands in the spotlight.

GAP is an evolved version of standard Google Analytics and comes packed with even more processing power, highly developed analysis, enhanced account management and dedicated support (via a reseller such as Jellyfish) guaranteed. It is an ideal platform for organisations that require high volumes of data to be regularly processed and reported, with the added advantage of unsampled reporting and customisation, thus creating the ultimate tool for delivering tailored reports.

At Jellyfish, we’re also leveraging the benefits of GA's native DoubleClick integration to supercharge the performance of clients’ display and remarketing campaigns.

DoubleClick integration

By building your remarketing lists based on virtually any on-site action you can measure in Google Analytics, you are able to create highly sophisticated remarketing lists in a way that is not possible via standard Google Analytics. Add to that, by using the DoubleClick network, you open up an almost limitless landscape of quality websites to advertise on. This integration means you can optimise your RTB activity and relevant ad creative towards an action that a user has just performed on your website. For example, let’s say we are Christmas shopping:

  • We are looking for cool reindeer toys, and notice an email from a toy company that we had purchased from last Christmas. It offers a tempting discount featuring ‘Cool reindeer toys’. Perfect. We click on the link and it takes us to the product page. This is the first touch point in our journey.
  • We then add products to the basket, but do not purchase, as we want to make sure we get the best deal around. When visiting another site for Christmas goodies, a display ad pops up featuring the cool reindeer toys. This is the DoubleClick ad identifying us as we added the products to the basket but hadn’t yet purchased. By clicking on the ad, it registers this as another touch point in our journey. 
  • Being the skilled multi-taskers that we are, we’ve also bought some funky new cookie jars. Whilst browsing for other goodies, we notice an ad for gourmet biscuits and chocolates, ‘Perfect for storing in a cookie jar’. Uncanny? Nope, just DoubleClick working it's magic. By creating audience segments within GAP, they can be utilised to cross-sell products related to cookie jars, for the specific audiences that have already purchased them. 

This is how users can be targeted and driven to engagement and conversion through DoubleClick, using Google Analytics data.

DCM tracks these ads and associates these clicks, impressions and ROI goals to the customer journey. This includes both post-impression and post-click activities, hence taking into account every touch point taken to convert.

With DoubleClick and Google Analytics Premium Integration, their click and impression data along with page views and sessions respectively can be merged together to gain a complete view of how display and different channels work collectively to push conversions and engagement. Below is an example of how GAP presents this and includes each touch point in the user journey, from start to finish. From this, further insight into what channels users are converting through can be gained, and hence the appropriate remarketing can be applied respectively.


Through GAP, vital remarketing lists of all your top users can be created and shared across DoubleClick platforms, including DBM. These lists are updated in real-time, which helps to determine and promptly launch another contact with your users. What’s more, over time you can even start to look at this impression data and feed it into your attribution models.

As a Google Analytics Premium reseller and with a dedicated display team, Jellyfish are perfectly placed to be able to provide expert consultancy on all of your analytics and display requirements.

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