Google Tag Manager 360 Releases Container Zones

Blog | 16 Mar, 2018

What are Container Zones?


Google Tag Manager 360 (GTM) has released a new feature called Container Zones (Zones).

Zones allow businesses with multiple teams who are working on the same site to implement certain tags that are only relevant to their department.

Zone restrictions allow you to control what tags, variables and triggers specific teams can apply to the site. These restrictions allow for more control of who and what tags are implemented by which teams.

Zone boundaries allow you to specify the pages teams can fire tags on as well as conditions that need to be met for the container to load.

For example, marketing teams can manage just Doubleclick, Adwords and remarketing tags within the new Container Zones. The team will only be able to apply tags to the site that they have been specified for that specific container.

Why use Zones?


  • Allows you to link multiple containers to a site without having to add multiple GTM Codes to the site
  • Allows you to restrict what tags, triggers, and variables are able to fire on the site
  • Allows you to set page rules to specify pages that specific teams can apply tags to
  • More control over who has access to GTM in specific teams as well as who has access to all tags, variables, and triggers in GTM. Teams can link multiple Zones to a container and multiple containers to a Zone

Creating Zones


  1. Create a new GTM Container for specific teams, for example a marketing team.
  2. Navigate to Zones in your main GTM Container and click on ‘new.

  3. Link the GTM Containers and specify the restrictions and boundaries for the new container.

Examples of restrictions and boundaries:



  • Google tag types
  • Trigger types
  • Variable types
  • Script and iframe tag types
  • Pixel types


  • Specific page conditions
  • Set custom evaluations to specify when a zone should re-evaluate the specified page conditions by adding a trigger. This is specifically helpful with virtual page views

Preview mode with Zones


  • Allows you to preview which Zones are active or inactive
  • Allows you to see information about the Zone such as restrictions
  • Allows you to switch between the different GTM Containers when in preview mode



Having an organisation with multiple teams that need to add tags to the site can be challenging to manage and control using one GTM Container. Having multiple teams working on one site leads to either multiple GTM Containers being added to the site or multiple teams working in one container. This can cause issues in consistency and tag set-ups in the container; or one team trying to manage all the tags being published (leading to a lot of unnecessary back and forth communication).

The release of Container Zones allows organisations to have more control on the tags that different teams can add to the site and which pages the teams can add tags to. This drives greater efficiency to the way organisations apply tags to a site needed by multiple teams.

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