Improve Your Search Alliance CTR

| 16 Jul, 2014

If you haven’t tried RAIS (rich ads in search) for the Yahoo/Bing Search Alliance then you could be missing out on an easy CTR bump.

What is it?

Having rich ads available on the paid search landscape isn’t a new concept. Google have got more ad formats, site links and social extensions than you can shake a stick at and Yahoo had RAIS back in 2009. Adcenter has been integrating Yahoos RAIS into its platform since last year but it has been roll out. Currently available for premium brands the Rich ads do help create cut through on the landscape.

Formats include logos, videos and simple forms.

Ad Example

Why is it cool?

In some of our tests we’ve seen over 100% increase in CTR. RAIS needs to be considered within your wider digital marketing strategy but on a network where traffic is hard to come by any CTR boost is awesome.

How do I get it?

Best way is to call your Search Alliance rep failing that you could try

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