Jellyfish beat other agencies to win Mazda competition

| 11 Mar, 2016
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Jellyfish have won the Mazda MX-5 Agency Challenge, winning a fleet of five all-new Mazda MX-5's to use for a month. The competition set by Mazda challenged 15 agencies to come up with a campaign that would raise awareness of the all-new Mazda MX-5 model and generate new brand advocates.

Entitled ‰'Are you convert/able?‰' our winning campaign used email and social activity to identify a shortlist of drivers who were skeptical about the MX-5. These drivers were then invited to participate in a ‰'Convert/able‰' challenge, where, alongside an expert driver, they were able to get behind the wheel to experience the car for themselves. Their experience was then captured on video to see if they had in fact been converted.

Through email outreach and social media engagement we identified a shortlist of drivers who really didn‰'t like the MX-5, some were even quite vocal about it! We invited them to take part in our MX-5 Convert/able Challenge along with our expert driver. He met them, showed them how to get the most out of the car and then let them get behind the wheel to experience the car for themselves.

We caught the whole experience from start to finish on camera too.

To allow our converts the opportunity to share their experiences with a wider audience, we told their stories through social media. We developed Tone of Voice Guidelines to ensure that in all communications we sounded as inspiring, upbeat and energetic as the car itself.

"The MX-5 is great fun to drive but it‰'s also a serious piece of machinery. The living evolution of over 25 years of refining, testing and improving. It‰'s well-equipped, thoughtful, smart, and practical. So we needed to sound like it. We needed to sound passionate, realistic, smart and full of zing. Always remembering that we were talking about the world‰'s bestselling sports car. You drive it, you buy it, you love it."

Not everyone we reached out to had the chance to drive the car. So we organised a focus group to show them our hero video, get their opinions before and after they watched it and determine the potentially scalability of our campaign.

It turns out the campaign was pretty successful.

  • 14,000 organic Twitter views across a six week campaign period
  • 885 organic Facebook engagements over a six week period from 5,000 unique impressions
  • 2,000 YouTube organic video views over a six week campaign period

We received some really positiove feedback from Mazda and are thrilled to have been part of this challenge. Let's see what the future could hold Jellyfish and Mazda.

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