Jellyfish produce Bill Laurance’s Aftersun music video

Blog | 30 Aug, 2016

We’re thrilled to share with you one of our most recent projects, the latest music video for Bill Laurance’s latest track Aftersun. Here’s the back story to how this happened and what the vision was for the video.

It all started, with a tweet. One evening I tweeted @billlaurance asking if he’d ever considered making a music video.  He replied almost immediately saying, he’d love to talk about it.  We met the following day in the bar in Young Vic and talked about how we could work together.

Choosing the title track from Bill’s new album, Aftersun seemed like the best idea to both of us.  In the bar we spoke about Bill’s classical training, and his experience playing for dancers and the stage seemed to act as a natural segue into Abi (wife and head of video at Jellyfish) and I speaking with our friend Del Mak (Creative Director/ Choreographer).  Known for hiphop, breakdance and pop music videos we wanted to bring this world into Bill’s jazz world.  

Our original script was about a girl who’d relatively recently immigrated to Britain, who saw the world differently and using the age-old allegory ‘she went into the woods’ (Little Red Riding Hood, Merry and Pippin in Lord of the Rings etc) to find herself.  As she moves through the woods she happens upon a group of archetypal selfie girls.  

Del choreographed their movements to exaggerate the actions we’ve seen a lot of girls do as they take a selfie. We were keen to highlight the cultural difference as well as worldview between our main dancer; enjoying the environment, and the culture of the selfie girls; looking at themselves on their phones. Not interacting.  

The main girl opens their minds to seeing things differently, to turn their cameras onto one another and the new girl and her environment.

We hope you’ve enjoy Bill’s fantastic music, the dancers talent and perhaps you’ll venture into the woods this weekend.

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