Jellyfish share what effective PR looks like for SEOs with Gorkana

| 17 Apr, 2015

As SEO, PR and social media increasingly converge, Content Manager, Jane Cronin, and Outreach Executive, Maria Bain, share their thoughts on how to create powerful integrated content and outreach campaigns on the Gorkana blog.

Gorkana is just one tool the Jellyfish SEO team use to identify influencers, nurture relationships and create engaging content – the type that naturally attracts links and social shares.

To read  the full article on the Gorkana blog click below:

What effective PR looks like for SEO using Gorkana

Find and engage with right influencers

Gorkana’s media database makes it easy to pinpoint exactly the right influencers for a particular project and check that their blogs and social profiles are a good match with your objectives.

This can form the bedrock of a highly targeting nurturing and outreach campaign, building the relationships that lead to high quality brand mentions, links and social engagement.

Gorkana database features

Discover link and brand citation opportunities

This is still a main objective for outreach campaigns. Gorkana’s database includes detailed information on how bloggers and journalists want to be pitched to – getting this right with the first email is often the difference between success and failure.

Create influential content

To get noticed, content needs to highly relevant and lead discussions rather than respond. Influencer lists built up using Gorkana and monitored through platforms like Brandwatch provide detailed insight into trending topics.

Gorkana’s Forward Features and Breakfast Briefings are another way to keep up-to-date with themes that industry leaders want to hear about.

 Read in full on Gorkana or learn more about Jellyfish approach SEO

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