Market research using Google Consumer Surveys

| 21 Apr, 2016

One of the most common exercises marketers perform to understand what their customers want and need is a market research activity. Common ways to do this include focus groups and surveys.

Today, we will share some of the great ways we have gathered market research using Google Consumer Surveys in particular. Google‰'s user-friendly platform allows for easy setup and shows your questions across a network of premium online news, reference, and entertainment sites. Your survey is embedded directly into content as well as through Google‰'s mobile app. Responders answer your survey questions in exchange for access to content or credits for books, music, and apps. After results are in, you can view aggregated and analysed data through Google‰'s interactive online interface.

consumer surveys

Getting a survey started is easy

Setting up Google Consumer Surveys is simple and straightforward. Below, we've outlined three very easy steps to using the survey tool.

1. Document your goals

Your first step, of course, is to document your goals for the survey and the types of information you want to gather. This will help you form the right questions. You want to avoid asking questions that will really not end up telling you very much at the end of the day. This takes practice.


a. Avoid biased questions ‰- We just redesigned our website, how much do you like the new site?

b. Only one idea per question - What do you think of our new navigation and images?

c. Open-ended questions are hard to analyse - What do you like most about our website?

2. Determine your audience

Next, you will need to determine your survey audience. There are lots of options here. You can use previously established panels, target specific job titles or locations, or survey previous visitors to you website.

This is just an example list, of course.


With your survey, you have the option to use screening questions to ensure you have the exact audience. This can be very helpful, but be aware it increases your per-response cost.

3.Enter information into the platform

Lastly, you enter your audience selections and the questions into the platform. This is a fairly straightforward process and the tool provides lots of tips and handholding along the way. Once at the last step you will get your estimated response costs.

Understanding the space you play in

If you are looking to enter your product into a new channel or marketing arena, you can create a survey to better understand the market.

  • Is there really a need?
  • What are consumers looking for exactly?
  • Will you need to modify your plans?


Our team ran a survey to determine the need to build out a web presence for a B2B business that was traditionally not marketed online. We targeted the survey specifically to consumers with job titles relevant to purchases of this particular product. We learned not only how these consumers began their searches, but also what types of content would help them make their decision easier.

Knowing your audience

Surveying previous site visitors is another great use of the Google Consumer Surveys. Using a remarketing list as your target audience allows you to ask very relevant questions about the experience your visitors had on your site and how you can make the next experience a delight.

While there is an additional cost for this type of survey, the value can be tremendous.


Jellyfish launched a survey that revealed the importance of a specific type of content to our audience. We, of course, had our own thoughts around what the audience expected, but using the data allowed us to confirm our hypothesis and create the best experience for the visitors.

Testing your content

A last idea, and one of our favourites, is to set up a simple set of A/B questions to ask users which item they prefer. This can be two ad images, or two sets of headlines, or calls-to-action (CTAs), or two brand logos. Your options are many. If you plan to really take advantage of these powerful market research tools, consider becoming a partner for more than just the discount. You will also have access to a helpful account manager to review your surveys to get optimal results.

Don‰'t wait, start learning about your audience today!

Share some of your great uses for Google Consumer Surveys or connect with us to learn how we can help you better understand your market.

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