The benefits of Broad Match Modifier (BMM) for PPC

| 02 Jun, 2015

PPC Manager, Josh White, examines the methodology and benefits of using Broad Match Modifier (BMM) for widening the search terms you can catch and convert, and shares how Jellyfish are utilising this within PPC strategies. 

BMM is a lesser known match type

Historically when launching a PPC account there are three main match types you use:

  • Exact
  • Phrase
  • Broad

However, there's a lesser known match type, Broad Match Modifier, or BMM, which allows you to have a slightly greater reach than Phrase but be slightly more refined than Broad:

  • Exact
  • Phrase
  • BBM
  • Broad

To use BMM you put a plus symbol in front of one or more words within the keywords.

This means that that word has to appear within the user's set but not necessarily in that order.

Therefore eventually you'll be able to replace Phrase with BMM and generate that greater reach.

BMM reduces the number of keywords but captures countless variations

The overall number of keywords within a keyword portfolio were reduced when using BMM.

This because a BMM keyword can pick up countless variations of any particular term.

For example, a keyword plus womens plus hats would pick up search terms for women's hats, buy women's hats, or hats for women. In order to pick these terms up with Phrase keywords you would require two separate Phrase keywords to pick those up.

BMM: +Womens +Hats = women's hats, buy women's hats, or hats for women


Phrase: Womens Hats, Buy Womens Hats = women's hats, buy women's hats, or hats for women

Jellyfish launch new BMM campaigns

Jellyfish will now launch new campaigns on Exact and BMM match types only with Broad going live at a later stage where CPA and budget requirements allow.

This gives scope for a larger reach than launching an Exact and Phrase but also keeps the control with the advertiser.

We've been running this for some time on one of our key accounts within the U.K. and have seen:

  • 250% increase in conversions against Phrase
  • 170% increase in CTR
  • And an increase in average position

Want to learn more about how Jellyfish get results through PPC, see our case studies.

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