Three things you need to know about Google Analytics Premium

| 28 Apr, 2015

Managing Director, Matt Owen, gives his three biggest reasons to future-proof your digital marketing with Google Analytics Premium:

1. Google Analytics Premium's native data integration across the DoubleClick platforms allows us to do behavioural remarketing in an incredibly granular and powerful way. For example, if you run a TV ad campaign, you're sending visitors to the site, we can remarket to those visitors based on what they've done on your website.

For example, they may have visited two pages and maybe looked at a product review, we can then serve display ads pretty much in real time to that particular audience based on what they have done on their site and that's an incredibly powerful benefit of Google Analytics Premium.

2. Sample data sucks, so in GA standard, a lot of the data you'll be seeing is sampled. In other words, it's a statistical representation of a very small amount of data extrapolated outwards.

Now in GA Premium that's not the case. And supposing you run an ecommerce business and you have thousands of products, are you going to rely on guesstimates for data, or would you rather have real data that tells you the true picture of what's happening on your website? I know what I'd rather.

3. So digital marketing is all about looking to the future and we believe that GA Premium provides brands with the best way to future-proof their digital marketing and their analytics. As Google is looking towards other kinds of platforms in car, at home, on mobile devices, it's going to be the best way to really integrate your knowledge of the user experience from mobile to outward environments, back into your website to create a fully integrated analytics solution.

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