'To pay or not to pay?' for social media, Jellyfish tell Brand Republic

| 07 Apr, 2015

Hannah Rainford looks at organic and paid social as tactics, when to use what to engage the right audience and complementing these tactics, with one another, or offline activity for maximum reach.

 Click here for the full article or read below for the highlights.

To pay or not to pay?

Hannah’s key observations:

Is Facebook organic reach in decline?

‘The argument of whether Facebook is purposefully declining organic reach to encourage brands to use their ads platform is hotly contested.’

Hannah highlights that Facebook argue that organic reach is simply more competitive as brands continue to turn content author to reach their audience. And as content increases brand messages can get lost - paid can assist such messages in standing out, instead of being part of the ‘noise’.

Paying to boost a tweet or post gets more reach

Hannah acknowledges that paying to boost posts on any social channel can increase brand awareness simply by getting out to a wider audience. However, the real value can be in using paid social to amplify your most successful content as relevant content is more likely to lead to better engagement.

Have a mixed / ‘converged’ strategy

‘A Converged media strategy is one that discusses owned, paid and earned media as one media and not as separate entities…’

Hannah shares the recent report by the Altimeter Group, indicating that consumers are unable to differentiate between these media types. This is good news for marketers because as consumers move between devices and platforms, absorbing media as they go, they don’t differentiate where the message is from, providing both consistency and opportunity.

The Converged Media Imperative

Engage and test tips

  • Decide what the objectives of your campaign are, they decide on paid or organic tactic
  • Ask customers to share, retweet or comment on articles to create earned media on your owned channels
  • Still use organic, especially targeting existing audiences, and use this to test content

Read more about how Jellyfish can help with your SEO and Social strategies. 

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